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  • axxa/abraxas – ryan michalak (is coming to town) – rta art collective

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    This new cassingle collects the first post-Time Inside tunes from rock ‘n’ roller Axxa/Abraxas. Side A has two of the grooviest and well recorded Axxa tracks to date. Side B contains the most psychedelic jam since Shape Shifting. An exciting hint at whats to come. Green tapes in gel caes with an insert with a silkscreen on the front. edition to 25.

  • mill – mill – rta art collective

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    Haunting and creaky, these two pieces of music created by Asheville’s Josh Clark and Devin LeCroy conjure up images of abandoned tumble-down shacks decaying on the side of old rural highways and the heightened perception and insecurity one experiences when exploring one of these buildings at night. This music expresses the harsh reality of these forgotten structures while creating fleeting moments of wonder at what caused its existence in the first place.

  • dj mickey – spaghetti house – rta art collective

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    First physical release from the musical enigma that brought you the digital only release entitled “…For the Children” last year. This new release takes the spontaneity and focus on odd sounds found on the first DJ Mickey transmission and somehow refines the sound. The recording is also better quality. After attempting to get a sample from DJ Mickey for some time I came home with a CD-r that simply said “For All Mankind” which contained this Dub Mix of material from the tape on my doorstep.

  • aprotag – practices – rta art collective

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    Deep, Ambient/Drone musings by Athens, GA’s Jj Posway. Subtle, yet provocative, these tunes explore the terrain of the psychological landscapes that arise from isolation and intense, immediate focus. Side A incorporates aspects of harsh noise with underlying beds of ambient melodies. On Side B the ambience takes the reigns but other, more abrasive sounds weave their way through the bliss and allow for each song to maintain some feelings of tension.

  • a.x. – desolation (inner space) – rta art collective

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    One of two releases by RTA founder Ben Asbury’s experimental project coming out this Spring. Lonely synth explorations in space, both man and machine. Also look out for Night/Day, coming soon on the cds tapes label run by Asheville’s Josh Clark. Both releases have been a long time coming and are worth picking up. Translucent blue tapes with silkscreen j-cards. edition of 50.