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  • guenter schlienz – augenblicke – sacred phrases

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    Hot on the heels of Sacred Phrases’ re-press of 2014’s ambient classic ‘Treehut Visions,’ Guenter Schlienz is back with a new cassette of sublimely sprawling sounds. ‘Augenblicke’ continues the Stuttgart, Germany-based producer’s run of astral-minded naval-gazing with four new tracks of impossible serenity. Opening track “Blue Sky” paints a perfectly bucolic picture of the German countryside, accompanied by a barely noticeable breeze and consumed by boundless, naturalistic beauty. B-side opener “Treetops” coasts on an elevated plane of floating effervescence, taking in an aural panorama that pours well beyond comprehension. “The World Is Full of Noises” serves as a perfectly incidental miniature, surveying a series of field recordings and playing out like a charmed audio travelogue. Closing track “Wind on Water” succinctly returns to the pleasantly disembodied celestial realms, closing out ‘Augenblicke’ in a calmed, transcendental state.

  • guenter schlienz – treehut visions – sacred phrases

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    Now available in its second edition, Guenter Schlienz’s ‘Treehut Visions’ serves as a poignant and sincere example of modern. synth-based kosmische musik. Recorded in Stuttgart, Germany using a DIY modular synthesizer in the Spring of 2013, Schlienz follows the tried and true templates sketched out by the likes of Cluster, Terry Riley, and other early modern electronic pioneers and rubbing shoulders with contemporaries like Panabrite, Eluvium, and other long-form revelers in exploratory sounds. “Games at the Creek” kicks things off with rustic curiosity, flowing through space like a sonic creek littered with stray bits and bubbling tones. “The Meadow at Summernights” floats with unencumbered bliss, collecting streaks of texture and glittering effects along its meandering path. “Sunday Morning Cake” closes out the A-side with an extended simmer of cool, flowing sound and genuine, nu-age navel gazing. On the B-side, “Treehut Visions” unfurls its sprawling vignette for a full half-hour of heaving synth chords and assuringly avian found sounds. It’s a modern classic of synthesizer music, available once again on cassette.

    Limited edition of 100. Imprinted, green cassette with fold-out j-card and download card.

  • water bureau – water bureau – sacred phrases

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    In some truly cosmic turn of events, Water Bureau finds Norm Chambers (Panabrite, Jürgen Müller, Spiral Index) and Daryl Groetsch (Pulse Emitter, Space Habitat) teaming up for a series of celestial meanderings that speak to the merits of both Pac-NW synth-heroes. Featuring pieces recorded over two improvised sessions in June 2013 and May 2014 in Daryl’s Portland home studio, ‘Water Bureau’ utilizes a smattering of various synthesizers, sequencers, and effects units with a MIDI connection synchronizing the two players’ instruments. Tracks like “Cascades,” “Black Watch,” “Entering The Grove,” and closer “Low Hours” float in a cosmic drift of warm darkness, illuminated by blipping flashes of color and motionless sound. “Waterfall Dancers,” “Laser Alley,” and “Hiking” play the perfect foil, crashing through a blitz of fluorescent, arpeggiated melodies and sequenced light. Elsewhere, “Dinner’s Ready,” “Horses,” and “Namibia” pay honest and refreshing tribute to Cluster, Harmonia, and other kosmische progenitors of Chambers and Groetsch.

  • german army – yanomami – sacred phrases

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    Since first establishing its elusive roots in some undetermined location in 2011, German Army has led a darkly addicting, fascinatingly consistent run of surreal dirges on some of the most revered outsider imprints in the game, including Night People, A Giant Fern, Monofonus, Skrot Up, Burka For Everybody, and Yerevan Tapes. Peter Kris, the project’s “known” bandleader, brandishes a flurry of post-industrial vignettes, tinged with dubby effects, atonal clatter, and shimmering, uncanny beauty. On ‘Yanomami,’ German Army tightens its approach to hypnotic, vaguely plunderphonic approach to its signature rhythmic sound collages. Tracks like “Serve in Aramaic,” “Tomochic Rebellion,” and “Advanced Prophecy” speak to scenes both doomed and hopeful, churning through bleak beats and flanked by distorted odds and ends. “Blue Gold Show” and “Copyist” channel some spiritual cousin to Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry, Seefeel, careening in a metallic drift of mechanical movements and blissful melodies. ‘Yanomami’ is the latest chapter in German Army’s sublimely sardonic campaign.

  • andreas brandal – the thursday curses – sacred phrases

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    Andreas Brandal is a Norway sound designer with more than two decades of texture exploration to his name. Having already issued a number of cassettes, CD-rs and vinyl on celebrated outsider imprints (including but certainly not limited to Smalltown Supersound, Field Hymns, Kendra Steiner Editions, 905 Tapes, and No Kings), Brandal now joins the Sacred Phrases family with ‘The Thursday Curses,’ a five-song suite that underlines the producer’s tonal sleight of hand. Opener “From the Bed To the Fire” dives headfirst into an undulating aural murk that ebbs and flows in waves of digital decay and sweeping beauty. “A Moment Passed And All Was Changed” plays like an avalanche of sustained blips and serrated snow, simultaneously collapsing and building up speed and mass along the way. “A Murmured Name” and “The Thursday Curses” are distant, alluring sheets of warm desolation, culling an air of mystique and a distant presence. Closer “No Symbols Where None Intended” wraps up the tape with calm resolution, providing a fitting space for meditation on preceding emotional arc of ‘The Thursday Curses.’

  • kyle landstra – unshared properties vol. I-IV – sacred phrases

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    Limited edition of 50 copies!

    While he’s only been recording for a half a decade, Kyle Landstra has already released more than a dozen cassettes on some of the most renowned imprints across the globe, including certainly not limited to Sonic Meditations, Tranquility Tapes, SicSic, Already Dead, Moss Archive, and Baro. But it’s only now that the Chicago-based dronesmith releases his magnum opus. After the exquisite permutations of Mass Solitude (SP-32) in 2012, Landstra now returns to Sacred Phrases with Unshared Properties, Vol. I-IV, a quadruple-cassette that unfurls its aural sprawl and upends the modes of expansive experimentation and droning, modernized new age. Throughout the nine extended sonic drifts, Landstra positions his mass of synthesizers and effects as an unbelievable agile arsenal of contemplative, meditative sound. Each tape finds Landstra honing in on a select setup, exploring facets of various combinations of gear – from gear Landstra is intimately familiar with and used for years, to borrowed gear he is discovering in real-time.

    For Vol. 1, Landstra dives deep into the (un)known limits of the Korg EA-1, feeling out a simple and intuitive sequencer. The first volume maintains a certain simmer of arpeggiated, fluorescent melodies foiled by waves of tonal textures with a listlessly careening sense of motion.

    Vol. 2 sees Landstra explore similar but ultimately vastly different territory, relying on a recently-obtained Yamaha QY-100 for inspiration and exploration, finding an endless outpour of micro-rhythms and expansive subtlety that riff into infinity.

    On Vol. 3, Landstra lets go of the guardrails to float asunder into the ether, bobbing through space without direction and entirely unencumbered, serving as the perfect foil for the paced dynamism of Unshared Properties’ first half.

    Vol. 4 finds Landstra exploring the capabilities of Waldorf’s hallowed synthesizers, primarily the analog warmth and eccentricities of the Blofield.

    This is more than a life’s work. Unshared Properties, Vol. I-IV is confirmation of Landstra’s place in the halls of pioneers of synthesizer music.

    Mastered by Sean McCann.

    Edition of 50, 4xcs box. Includes download code card + information print.

  • christophe bailleau – sonic pool hypnose club – sacred phrases

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    Christophe Bailleau works synthesizers to mesmerizing ends, building layers of delicate textures for underwater listening. Enjoying these recordings on dry land evokes the water in us all. Expelled breath to bubble, soar. Brainstroke the wall and back.

  • venn rain – questing – sacred phrases

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    Thudding felts cajole airy string serenades passionate and lush. Trilling steps incite passages of head waves. Soft attacks cast reflective fading tension.

  • enumclaw – holographic headdress – sacred phrases

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    An auditory late night journey weaving in and out of ancient auras and unknown terrestrials. Electronic keys represent a lost and forgotten galaxy – at times foggy and dense yet a radiant glow never leaves the third eye.

    For fans of Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow in Curved Air’.

    All sounds performed, recorded and mixed by Norman Fetter in woods outside of Spring City, PA, 2011.

    Mastered by Sam Cusumano and Norman Fetter.