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  • starlite coffins – starlite meditation cult – sanity muffin

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    Oakland’s Starlite Coffins drift back into lucidity with their first full length cassette Starlite Meditation Cult, a hypnotizing and all enveloping ritualistic drone meditation informed by ancient tape-pitch manipulation techniques and supernatural magnetic anomalies. 60 minutes of cryptic and warbled psychedelic ambience amidst analog blankets of looped and reversed synth damage will warp your mind. Meticulously captured in a net of massive amps at Pfantone Labs via 8 track cassette recorder circa 2012 – 2013. Embrace the smeared atmosphere and otherworldly swarm! Fall victim to the spell of the hallucinatory Starlite Meditation Cult!
    Stunning 1960s Op art style two color/dual image hand screened artwork on translucent vellum paper by Crooked Tapes’ mastermind Ryo Kuramoto. This cassette-only edition also features dead stock bi-color yellow and blue cassettes with custom inserts all housed in blue, white or clear cases. Strictly limited to 100 copies. Special edition (25 copies) on purple and green screened vellum + clear cassettes with Starlite Meditation Cult square buttons also available soon.
    *Split release by Sanity Muffin and Pfantone Labs.

  • warner jepson – tullian beach bum [machine excerpts] – sanity muffin

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    Warner Jepson is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best kept secrets… and it’s a shame because his work is astoundingly magical, fresh and beautiful. all analog synth based, these recordings were done both at his private studio in SF and at Mills College in Oakland on a custom built Buchla Synthesizer. Warner did it all… sculpture, video, art, plantscapes and music and often combined them all in his installations and performances. a true early electronic music pioneer who is hardly known by most fans of this genere… we at Sanity Muffin hope to change this, even if it is in our small humble cassette release sort of a way… this is all unreleased material from a thrift store donation last year following his death a few years back. We are so happy and proud to put this release out into the world. this is a true treasure and should not be missed. A wonderful full pallet of analog synth textures & sounds that fill a 90min tape to the max. You’re really getting your money’s worth here folks!

  • frank dullaart – trans harmonic dream – sanity muffin

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    Little is known about this 1983 release by Netherlands based minimal synth artist Frank Dullart. this tape was extremely rare and very good so we reissued it. High Bias top quality issue as to be expected from S/M. dark, weird, minimal dutch synth work. a MUST for any synth fan.

  • invocation of magnetic spirits – vol.I – sanity muffin

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    Presenting Volume One in the series “Invocation of Magnetic Spirits” that will explore and document lost and found analog audio treasures. A box of cassettes were found on Alcatraz street in 2009 and were meticulously compiled, recomposed and remixed, summoning ghosts of the late 1970′s West Oakland streets. Curated and produced by R. Brundage of Starlite Coffins and Geldings, Volume One uncovers the esoteric and manic rituals of the New Mount Zion cult.
    Looped and distorted organ passages back feverishly fanatic gospel tinged sermons and swamp confessionals. Dark hymns of metaphysical mysticism that reek of fire and brimstone. Recorded exclusively for Sanity Muffin.

    Limited to 130 copies.
    “Remixed and repurposed to resurface

  • selaroda – polytexturalism – sanity muffin

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    Living, breathing soundworlds unfurl, slowly blossoming to reveal sinewy swirls of fog, massive intergalactic jungles, dense marshes of mysterious origin, and an interlocking maze of subterranean caverns and chasms. Each track is bursting with detail… layers shift and combine, forming ever more complex organisms, each one shaped and sculpted via some arcane, shamanic wisdom. Over three years in the making, Polytexturalism was conceived as a series of “audiofilms” and designed to take the listener into a realm of extrasensory experience… close your eyes and let these expansive extrapolations of extraterrestrial exploration take your mind on a visual journey.

  • bre’r – homes for taipei wifing – sanity muffin

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    2nd album on Sanity Muffin and house favorite for local Oakland artist Bre’r. Again, enlisting pal Odd Nosdam to help in mastering, the result is another lush tapestry of soothing sound sheets just in time for summer. Bre’r is the master of generating feeling and warmth with his creations. Dusted loop like crecendo’s and hypnotic dream enducing sonicspheres.
    A must have along your lake and river runs this summer, you wont be disapointed. Limited edition of 100 copies.

    And while we’re on the topic of the aforementioned Bre’r, let’s talk a bit about the latest from the project of D.A Fisher. This time, on Oakland’s Sanity Muffin. Forceful, gritty soundscrapes, aching with homespun emotion and sorrow. A close cousin of drone, but not so much. Within these compositions, notes fall into and out of the mix with only moderate sustain. A bit more sophisticated in structure than most ambient music, although that label certainly could apply here. Drifting in consciousness. I find this more akin to the notion of electronic modern classical. These may be some of either the most beautiful, or devastating melodies you will hear. Heck, they are likely both. Exactly the type of release to help the unexposed masses fall in love with experimental music.

    Couldn’t find a stream of this for the life of me, so hopefully you’ll trust my judgement here. Double sided jcard, edition of 100 _ guide me little tape

  • geldings – in death’s pulp mask – sanity muffin

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    The first edition of this amazing album sold faster then we could have imagined, we just reissued it with glorious “spot color” gold printing on High Bias Chrome tapes and they sound and look better than ever!
    these house favorites deliver an amazing sound slaughter! imagine early Cabaret Voltaire meeting expansive Flying Saucer Attack washes and nomad tribal rhythms. Don’t snooze on this edition!

  • gears – jaguar intentions – sanity muffin

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    Side A is all synth workout’s with the most lush, dark, warm and
    deep melodies you could ever want… expansive)))))
    Side B brings in the drum machines in a gargantuan way! PHAT))))
    86 minutes, a total rinse out! gEars is also part of Galena’s studio
    and live arsenal.

  • galena – buried finch – sanity muffin

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    New album by Oakland artist & musician Billy Sprague! very much leaving off from 2010′s “Grave News For You”. Dark noisey eruptions with cascading synth fizzles that flow into more structured “songs”. Armed mostly again with synths, drum machine, barritone guitar, bass and vocals with strong influences (covers?) by Soft Cell, Daily Fauli & Bruce Haack! Menacing, catchy, layered and expansive. Highly recomended!

  • perpeteia – music for mesmer – sanity muffin

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    With their sophomore release for Sanity Muffin, Music for Mesmer is a meditation upon the enchanting research of the German mystic-physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), who’s theory of animal magnetism described a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects. Brimming with hallucinatory swirls of ineffable guitar tones gliding smoothly over and through chimerical Wurlitzer finger shimmers and aberrant field recordings, the phantasmagorical cadence of this velvety sonic mass flows over the listener like waves of saccharine reverie, filling one’s sensorial chambers with ameliorating amniotic fluids and tickling and trickling lysergic palpitations from deep guttural depths to the most elevated pastoral headspace. Two years in the making, this album flickers cognizance and reorients the plenum of experience.