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  • matthew de gennaro – hiding the world in the world – scissor tail editions

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    All music by Matthew De Gennaro
    Recorded on 1/2″ tape
    2004 – 2013

  • youth worship – techno void – scissor tail editions

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    released April 25, 2016

    Rashiko Haskell

    artwork by ojeRum

  • mohawk park ‎– ungeometric circuit – scissor tail editions

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  • hayden pedigo – do you sing? vol. 1 – scissor tail editions

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    Do You Sing? Vol. 1 consists of Hayden Pedigo’s early works, but these tunes are not embryonic, skeletal, or in any way premature. They’re well-considered, fully-formed pieces full of diverse mastery – yet they still carry the seeds of eager discovery. You can hear excitement in Pedigo’s real-time idea-hatching, a fresh sense of how plucked acoustic strings can convey human thoughts and feelings. That kind of thrill persists in the recent work of this still-young practitioner, but Do You Sing? captures a unique moment in time – when Pedigo’s vision was starting to define itself even though it was already definite. – Marc Masters

  • øjeRum – the forest is sleeping within the trees – scissor tail editions

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    soft sweeping pump organ accompanies these haunting piano compositions by Danish visual artist and composer Paw Grabowski.

  • tyler higgins – lonely and blue – scissor tail editions

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    Being such a deft player and writer, Tyler Higgins could easily settle on sturdy finger-picking, sparse minimalism, gentle balladry, or many other well-earned styles. But instead he’s decided to do it all on a single album, and “Lonely and Blue” is the rich, engaging result. But this is no schizoid role-playing. Higgins fully commits to every moment, such that his sonic variety has a clear tonal consistency. It’s all about a mood, one that proves remarkably contagious from the first note to the last.”
    – Marc Masters (writer for Pitchfork, The Wire, Signal to Noise)

  • saskatoon – kenosha – scissor tail editions

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    askatoon is the project of Paul Dehaven and Jess Webb of Evergreen Colorado. Paul is known for his guitar work in the Denver folk/baroque band Paper Birds. He also has a solo album of singer songwriter music that is fantastic. Jess is an amazing visual artist, cellist and mother. From what I witnessed she play’s, draws, makes decisions with conviction. She added some beautiful Cello arrangements to the Lake Mary full band as well as this duo with Paul.

  • drowning in wood – drowning in wood – scissor tail editions

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    ‘Drowning In Wood’ is the Improvisational experimental duo of Vincenzo De Luce and Sergio Albano from Italy. Two years ago ST released a very intense album by Sergio Albano’s trio Grizzly Imploded titled ‘You are the way you face your death’. This album takes a similar course, sans Francesco Gregoretti and Maurizio Argenziano. Guitars screech and intersect creating dissonant moments that play off one another in beautiful and sometimes frightening way’s. Their ability to create different moods and predict one anthers decisions is an area many musicians are afraid to journey. It’s reminiscent of Pelt but pulled off with only two members. Spontaneous expression and brotherly connection at it’s finest.

  • black eagle child – playing – scissor tail editions

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    Black Eagle Child is the project of Michael Jantz from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Jantz and Black Eagle Child are in no way unfamiliar names if you’ve been following experimental music over the last 5 years. He has released a number of albums on a slew of great labels over the years (Stunned, Digitalis, Under The Spire, Blackest Rainbow, Space Slave… to name a few). Black Eagle Child’s album titled “Lobelia” and came out on Preservation in 2011 and was met with critical acclaim from Pitchfork among other press outlets.

    The aptly named ‘Playing’ by Black Eagle Child takes a more playful approach to composition with less focus on the melancholy, while still maintaining some of the nostalgia that comes very naturally and sincerely from Jantz. ‘Playing’ is the perfect soundtrack for spring and summer with it’s circling guitar lines interplaying perfectly over various serene field recordings. A most blissful listening experience

  • chuck johnson – blood moon boulder – scissor tail editions

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    Chuck Johnson’s impact on the contemporary guitar world continues to be felt. His first two solo records signaled the arrival of a unique player, steeped in various forms of playing and influence, yet distinctly modern. Johnson eschews a weathered traditionalism for the wide-scope expanse of 21st Century Americana.

    On his third album, Blood Moon Boulder, Johnson reaches a compositional peak in a nod to the picturesque naturalism of the American landscape. The dynamics of his range can be felt on this singular record, a soundtrack-like listen that rewards the ear with rich detail. His precision and tone recall the heights of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas on the extended opening track “Corvid Tactics.” Notably, the guitarist duels with a phantom Chinese radio signal that slips through the silences during the recording session. One can hear the ghostly sounds peek through at moments as Johnson bends his strings. “Medicine Map” delivers a melodic melancholy, with an every-note-perfectly-placed aesthetic. Rather than ramble or evoke some kind of outdated nostalgia, Johnson lets his cinematic instincts take lead.

    Perhaps most evocative of this approach is “Private Violence,” a meditative composition with gorgeous pedal steel played on top of electric six-string, ending in a sustained tonal minimalism that could easily stretch into a whole LP of its own. Blood Moon Boulder contains a lyricism, an exactitude and emotional arc all its own. And that’s worth playing again and again.

    – Steve Lowenthal, author of Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist