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  • youth worship – techno void – scissor tail editions

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    released April 25, 2016

    Rashiko Haskell

    artwork by ojeRum

  • chuck johnson – blood moon boulder – scissor tail editions

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    Chuck Johnson’s impact on the contemporary guitar world continues to be felt. His first two solo records signaled the arrival of a unique player, steeped in various forms of playing and influence, yet distinctly modern. Johnson eschews a weathered traditionalism for the wide-scope expanse of 21st Century Americana.

    On his third album, Blood Moon Boulder, Johnson reaches a compositional peak in a nod to the picturesque naturalism of the American landscape. The dynamics of his range can be felt on this singular record, a soundtrack-like listen that rewards the ear with rich detail. His precision and tone recall the heights of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas on the extended opening track “Corvid Tactics.” Notably, the guitarist duels with a phantom Chinese radio signal that slips through the silences during the recording session. One can hear the ghostly sounds peek through at moments as Johnson bends his strings. “Medicine Map” delivers a melodic melancholy, with an every-note-perfectly-placed aesthetic. Rather than ramble or evoke some kind of outdated nostalgia, Johnson lets his cinematic instincts take lead.

    Perhaps most evocative of this approach is “Private Violence,” a meditative composition with gorgeous pedal steel played on top of electric six-string, ending in a sustained tonal minimalism that could easily stretch into a whole LP of its own. Blood Moon Boulder contains a lyricism, an exactitude and emotional arc all its own. And that’s worth playing again and again.

    – Steve Lowenthal, author of Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist

  • fains – s/t – scissor tail editions

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    Originally imagined as miniatures. These 12 short but sweet compositions by Scotty Griffith cross any number of genres without settling to any certain one. Griffith has a knack for creating short epics without sounding like fragments of longer pieces. Gorgeous lush electronics sparse beats and playful melodies, rumbling bass and some hints of guitar and zither. At times beautifully haunting and masterfully executed without ever feeling rushed. Tracks like “I Was And You Were” become very hard to decipher what instruments or machines are being used to create the sounds. The only way I could describe it is if a robot were playing a soulful Scottish ballad on some sort of broken futuristic-electronic bagpipes. Pretty amazing.

  • daniel(((s))) – s/t – scissor tail editions

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    Limited Edition of 40
    Proud to announce the release of Tulsa native Daniel Sutliff’s first “proper” solo release under the guise of Daniel(s). A well renowned bass player and instrumentalist for tons of bands over the years ie; And There Stand Empires, Atl Atl, Damezumari… to name a few. Daniel(s) tape is easily the most meticulously arranged release on Scissor Tail so far. And from what I’ve heard he spent years off and on between touring and playing locally to fine tune and purposely place each and every snare hit and affectionate barrage of 8 bit(ish) synth work. He’s also responsible for the lovely artwork, as well as the art for the Devin Dart release earlier