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  • human adult band – mugwort and sage – scumbag relations

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    one sided 12″
    Human Adult Band is from New Jersey. Since 2003, they’ve released numerous handmade tapes and cd-rs on their own DIHD label, as well as Phase! Records and Bone Tooth Horn….and they have played countless shows alongside tons of amazing bands like… The Usaisamonster, Lazy Magnet, Byron House, King Darves (who has also contributed drums for HAB), Blues Control, Ducktails, Mouthus, Panopticon Eyelids, Drums Like Machine Guns, Car Commercials, Blastocyst, Earth Crown, Slasher Risk…. just to name a few.

    This is a 4 song one-sided vinyl EP limited to 250 copies

    Tracklisting : Schizophrenics Control th’ Weather — Red Cent — Horse With No Name — White Lightning / Dandelion Wine

    Pro-printed, individually hand cut/pasted collage covers.

  • adam bohman, dylan nyoukis & friends

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    Adam Bohman is a member of Morphogenesis and The London Improvisors Orchestra. He also regularly performs alongside his brother Jonathan under the guise The Bohman Brothers. Their sound art oscillates between states of the absurd and (sonically) grotesque to highly articulate explorations of extra-musical sound. Electroacoustic music and free-improvisation could be regarded as co-ordinates on the grid. However,unlike the hermeticism of electro-acoustic music or the purism of free-improvisation, the Bohman’s freely quote from any source and aren’t afraid to show it. So you get Varesesian sound montage supporting spoken word material sourced from a pub menu, or frenetic juxtapositions between amplified shoe brushes and a frenzied tape cut-up of 17th Century instruments. The Bohman aesthetic can be a dense and tangled thing to unpick and describe. Various and nefarious sounds and artistic influences merge and collide.