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  • matthew barlow – product – self released

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    High-bias c30 with full color double-sided j card and labels. Each tape gets a unique, handmade insert with hand-written recording notes on one side, and a vintage ad cutout on the other. Home dubbed, one tape at a time in real time. Album art features original photographs by Richard Auxillo (Los Angles, CA) – created exclusively for this release.

    “Product” is the third tape release from sound artist, Matthew Barlow. Being a sonic meditation on consumerism, the arrangement (comprised of two 15 min pieces) shifts back and forth from warm synths and cold, vacant textures.

    All sounds and instrumentation were created from processed field recordings taken at a local grocery market. The entire piece is an improvisational performance, recorded in one take, with minimal editing in post.

    Best enjoyed with headphones.

  • Пурпурный Дядя – raccord – self released

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    released January 12, 2017
    28 cassettes with 28 different handmade covers

  • jeremy young – cants beneath the bed of the furnace brook – self released

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    Composed and Recorded in one take by Jeremy Young in London, 2013
    using a Heathkit signal generator and both digital and analog tape-delay to develop
    and manipulate feedback rhythms.
    Mastered by Greg Davis, 2013.
    Original artwork by Émilie Payeur.

    Inspired by the stream that flows through my parents’ town in upstate New York, this piece was written as a descriptive reflection of movement and stillness. I have walked along the banks of this frozen brook in Winter, witnessed its healthy rushing energy in Autumn and savored its pacifying calm in green Spring. Its name suggests imagery of both heat and coolness, and I wanted this to be represented in the mixing. The solemn stillness of the single icey tone and jagged high frequency shards of feedback balance out through Greg’s impressive mastering which seems to have run through the buzzing warmth of analog tubes.

    The genesis of sound is a square wave frequency, which is then bent and shaped by echoing delay and feedback rhythms and an octave shift, manipulated subtly and slowly to reflect the contours of its wired trajectory. Electronic current mimicks the flow of rushing water through a riverbasin while also conjuring the image of temporal stillness, timelessness.

    Chants is subterranean and hollow, earthly but mehanical. Its my most minimal piece to date, but something about this piece feels like I’ve expressed my vision to its max. This is not a meditative, ambient work for quiet contemplation. Rather, I envision the ideal listening experience to be situated within a constructed environment; brick, concrete, tile, granite. Play this loud, and make yourself into a river.
    – Jeremy Young, May 2013.

  • black nose – self released

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    limited to 4.

    It’s been weeks/months since i made it to the westside of town where these two reside.
    Im too Busy slaving away paving the way for the droves flocking to asheville, putting food on the table and so on.
    Kinda of been worried the these guys and the whole DAR crew had disappeared down some rabbithole.
    No word. And the creative madness that was the DAR house slowly fades?
    Then brian kinkade swing by one evening with this tape, a collab between him & Jeffry astin

    Jeffry Astin has a definite talent of venturing deep into the chaos and emerging with sounds that are matched no where else.
    GOing down the rabbithole but returning back with sounds that carve right into your synapses and help you slide through the madness and chaos that all too often darkens our individual skies.

    Brian Kinkade has been a huge supportive pillar of the underground for years and has an archive of underground sounds that is unmatched,
    In the past few years he’s released some real gems thru his own label diatom bath. Always on the local scene and part of numerous projects and live acts, a past tomentosa helper. Awesome to see him paired with jeff on this release.
    So good to have this release out of nowhere, Proof that the pulse is still there, active; underground.

  • orphan fairytale – tropical tan – self released

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    Limited to 36 numbered copies.
    Each copy has a different inlay slid in front of the actual cover.

  • silk fountain – amalgamation – self released

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    16 cassettes

    used, case and tape labels have some wear

    6xc22, 10 cx30

    no discogs entry, never seen or heard of another copy

  • sean mccann – background sound five – self released

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    Limited hand-numbered edition of 40 copies.

    Spray painted CDr packaged in a water-colored paper sleeve with artwork affixed.

  • royallen – sample tape – self released

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    Hear the soothing side of found sound collage: Raga + New Age, Subliminal Messages + Nature Sounds.
    Simple compositions for the simple minded. Home Dubbed.
    edition of 17