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  • cube – moon – self released

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    sound samples are below but really id say those are just the starting point to this tape. adam keith as cube once again brings so much to the table it take multiple plays to just begin to get an idea of the lay of the land. recommended

  • vasculae – receding stasis

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    somedays come upon you like a slow slug of grey that settles on yr head and won’t go away. this is the kinda tape that breaks right through and wakens you up to the the inevitable now.
    in other words a wonderful blast of searing noise from long time noiser jon borges (pedestrian deposit, emaciator, everyday loneliness).

  • tuluum shimmering – music & films 2009 to 2011 – self released

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    “a dvdr of data from the tuluum archives, picking up from where the previous uploads ( … mmering%22) left off, with 36 unheard recordings from 2010-11, and also including the video files of the ‘Khual Yaang: To Summon The Spirits’ films, originally self-released in 2009.

    nearly 4.5gb of files, with double-sided sleeve art and poster insert designed by sean gadoury and drew taylor.
    you know what to expect – ultimate rainforest transcendence from the shamanic looper extraordinaire.”
    -Jimmy Billingham (venn rain/tidal)

    Incredible collection; highly recommended, worth it alone for the video “khual yaang.” Ive listened to some of these tracks as Jake posted them through the last few years and there’s some beautiful sounds in here, look forward to a long winter with this nearby.And this set is something you will chew on and slowly digest for quite some time. Huge thanks to jimmy & jake for getting this out into the world and pricing it so affordable.

  • aloonaluna – a loon a luna & bird milk – self released

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    used copy, cover art differs from picture.
    Two disc album- A Loon A Luna (cd) and Bird Milk(cdr). Concertina Records 2010. Each album features unique hand painted art. Mixed and Mastered by Lynn Fister, except the song “Aeiou” mixed by Thierry Penduff. Cover and insert art by Lynn Fister. Limited to 500 copies.

    All songs composed and performed by Aloonaluna. (Caitlin Dunn, Thierry Penduff, Robbie Goethe, Will Chase and Lynn Fister.) Features Christopher Fleeger on “Cup of Fish” and “5000” and Jacklyn Attaway on “Paper Loon” and “This Little Piggy.”

  • sovetskaya gone – self released

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    just found this deep in the tomentosa vaults; was on hold and buyer never came through
    all songs recorded 2008

    very little info in this. debut release?
    really nice handmade packaging including insert
    everything is handwritten & goodness knows how many of these they are
    but i imagine not many