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  • dozens – exhale – s.i.n.k.

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    Zoner’s delight, drifter’s destiny. Frank De Gallo and Ryan Connolly summon a two-part trip into the ether.

  • sandpiper – dust magnet – s.i.n.k.

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    New collaboration from Ollie Tutty and Jimmy Billingham – desert lullabies for city dwellers.
    released 02 March 2014
    Music by Ollie Tutty and Jimmy Billingham
    Art by Jimmy Billingham

  • nectar of the moon – synthetic perceptions // neural oscillations – s.i.n.k. cds

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    Ian Najdzionek (Water Lily Jaguar, Dream Safari, Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu) returns with a double album of richly clear synthesiser compositions to focus your mind and straighten out your bent-up chakras. Undulate to the fundamental frequency of consciousness.

  • tuluum shimmering – it became night / dawn again – s.i.n.k.

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    Ring in the change, revel in the cycles. Elder Shimmering works his magic.

  • i am just a pupil / my bizarre bayuk / uton – split – s.i.n.k.

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    Finnish free-drone fiend, Uton, meets Southern sample stasher, I Am Just a Pupil.

    Uton raids the archives for uncovered gems of organic, homespun psychedelia, demonstrating his status as a formative figure in the drone underground.
    The days are long, the nights are long.
    ‘Tracks 1-4 previously unreleased. Track 5 originally released
    on Hyster Tapes compilation cassette “Third Number” in 2012.
    All tracks (re)mastered in 2014.’

    At the other end of the scale, relative newcomer and Jeff Astin associate, Josh Clark’s I Am Just a Pupil project layers up heat-stroked samples to disorientating, stupefying effect. Definitely something in the water down in Asheville, NC right now… Lay back and sweat it out.

    CD 2 presents the first fruits of a distance collaboration between this pair. Ride downriver to your psychedelic headland – the beginning and the end.
    ‘The name BAYUK is American Indian origin, and means “stream”… later this same word was
    used in English, meaning BAYOU.’

  • venn rain – rhizome riverbend – s.i.n.k.

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    Final drops from this looping-ambient project. Recorded in early 2013, originally intended for release on Preservation Records but rejected by the label, and from the same sessions as the recent Rotifer split, these tracks find VR bringing live instrumentation and percussion to the fore, though with the same emotional focus and deep layering that has typified this project.
    Loop for life

  • kyle landstra – soul reflector – s.i.n.k.

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    Kyle continues his impressive run of emotionally engaging synth drift. Pensive focus for respite and reflection – heal thyself.

    ‘recorded in 2012 and 2013
    in a live setting with
    a roland juno 106, korg ms2000, loops, and effects.

    honest, long-form recordings
    created with the intention to
    help the listener engage in a
    relaxed and tranced state.’
    released 02 March 2014
    Music by Kyle Landstra
    Art by Jimmy Billingham

  • clime – palaeochannels – s.i.n.k. cds

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    Utilising an assortment of traditional folk instruments, voice and contemporary electronics, Jake and Jimmy drift down forgotten tributaries to a timeless source. Harmonise your history.
    released 17 November 2013
    Music by Jake Webster and Jimmy Billingham
    Artwork by Jimmy Billingham