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  • sylvia monnier — colours / a real freak – smeltkop

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    The two first releases of Mika Perez, also known as Sylvia Monnier, Sunny Dunes and Deep Catalogue. He brings a droney kind of music that is filled with many different sounds and a very distinct atmosphere. 3 different sleeves available, made in the same atmosphere as the music.
    Download codes included with the tape.

  • ratzinger / broodmes – split – smeltkop

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    A split tape with Ratzinger and Broodmes. Ratzinger starts off with an atmospheric part but rapidly changes into hell with blasting drums and shredding guitar riffs. Features Jef Cuypers, Mauro Pawlowski, Matthieu Ronsse, Elko Blijweert & Jeroen Stevens.
    Broodmes plays a 20 minute noise set that sounds like it’s been recorded in a post-nuclear wasteland.
    Broodmes sticker made by Jef Cuypers, Ratzinger Sticker made by us.