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  • sounding the deep ‎– a union according to energy – sonic meditations

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    Engineered at The Infoaming Vertex, October, 2009.
    Mastered at Resistance Recording.
    All tracks recorded live with minimal overdubs. Rain was captured live during the only take of track 6.
    Edition of 100 copies.

  • breathing flowers – lumeria – sirius – draco – sonic meditations

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    Breathing Flowers’ new release has been carefully crafted over the last year at Justin Wright’s (Expo ’70) studio. Jones has created his most mature album to date fusing folk, electronic passages and heavy psychedelic playing into his newest album. Songs contrast moods, capture time while teleporting the listener through magical landscapes conjured by Jones knack for songcraft and choicesong craftumentation. Deep meditation can be sought out through the shifting rhythms and melodies, this is sure to be a timeless album which will stand the test of time and weight as the sonic mass of “L.S.D.” begins the journey though your eardrums and pass into the psyche.

  • sounding the deep – anthems of light- sonic meditations

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    Sounding the Deep have been very prolithic and ever-changing. The Kansas City based group has released three full-length albums. “Anthems of Light” collects outtakes from “A Union According to Energy” and unreleased material recorded prior to “Glacier” fills this album well, drifting tones and melodies the way Sounding the Deep does best. All material is solo performances by David Williams.

  • nova scotian arms – sacred drift- sonic meditations

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    Hailing from Georgia, Grant Evan’s main project Nova Scotian Arms has been quite prolific over the last year having releases on Digitalis, Ru ralfaune and his own label Hooker Visions. The newest offering is comprised of tape loops that span a total of 30 minutes per side. Heavily textured in sound color, the albums sprawls and unfolds through sonic drones shifting and pulsing. Reminiscent of early Troum work like the ” Tjukurrpa” series.

  • sounding the deep – night – sonic meditations

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    “David Williams is an experimental/ambient musician from Kansas City, USA who began composing under the moniker of ‘Sounding The Deep’ in 2007. ‘Sounding The Deep’ approachs the world of experimental/ambient music with rich guitar workings that aren’t necessairly anything new by way of their structuring or arrangements, however, I think that the musical outcomes of these workings lend themselves to a very unique sense of cinematic interpretation. For this project David Williams specifies that inspiration for the works on his latest release ‘Night’ were found in the plains and skies of the midwestern region of the United States. In retrospect of my experience with David’s work, I would venture to assert that the pieces on ‘Night’ characterize these influential factors quite well, as the subtle guitar interludes seem to adequately summon the innate sense of melancholy that defines the naked emptiness of the plains in the midwestern United States. Given this, the musical content of the works found on ‘Night’ provide dense droning backgrounds amidst slight melodic guitar infusions. The dynamic of these works moves predominantly from minimal to more involved via the use of a variety of rather intricate chord progressions that constitute the backbone of the pieces. All in all, I’ve found this music to be extremely enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in guitar-based experimental ambient music.”