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  • crypto tropic – bantu hologram – speaker footage

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    Sounds by

    François Dumeaux (aka Druc Drac)

    Thomas Pujols (aka Nebulo)

    Art by Nicolas Godin

  • micromelancolié – low cakes – speaker footage

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  • AyGeeTee – all threes again – speaker footage

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    “I live in London where I bring up my 10 yr old son & make this ‘music’ amongst other bits n bobs. I have very little methodology in the music I make, it is often a continuous stream, I will sit down and see what comes out. I try to use it has an expression of my feelings, either personally or of/for the world around me and the world at large, I’ll either start with making a beat, or sometimes a melody, a bassline, I don’t know, wtvr comes out first. Often, though, I’ll start with a sample and mess with and build around it until it’s almost not there – sometimes I take out the sample altogether, so that it was only ever the frame on which to hang the track, or better still, the mould that’s taken out once the thing is made. I use field recordings as well as instruments and samples, to create atmosphere, or warped voices, mine or others. I usually build layer upon layer until I feel I have the thing right and usually I have no idea why I think it’s right, it just is, it seems impossible for me to make something too clean, however hard I might try, I usually pile sound upon sound until I feel I have it & because of that the sound is often quite overblown, dirty almost.”

    – Andrew G Thomson (AyGeeTee)

  • MMMOOOONNNNOOOO – the act in between – speaker footage

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    MMMOOOONNNNOOOO is a Lisbon based experimental ambient/noise producer, dwelling in thickly layered noises, low-slung electronics and hypnotic tripping loops, leaving textures of sound to blend together. Originally a visual artist, he began producing as a sideline, releasing his debut “Zorn Gottes” on AVNL Records in 2014. This was followed up by the invitation to join the Red Bull Music Academy 2014 in Tokyo as a participant and play live at the iconic Super Deluxe in Tokyo. Back in Lisbon he played live at the Boiler Room and some other venues of reference as Lux and Music Box.

    “The Act in Between is a reflection of it’s own name. It dwells on the experience of my trip to Tokyo for Red Bull Music Academy and what changed from the before, when I was making music on my own, with nearly nobody knowing about it, to the after – now – when I’m having some attention and people following my work.

    The album was initiated unintentionally a few months before the trip, gathering sounds and ideas that reflected what I imagined about Tokyo / Japan, and the fascination I had for the country and it’s culture, both the real history and it’s fantasy stories.

    And it was finished when I came back, still wandering in my mind about those days in Tokyo, working on material that I gathered and worked while in there and completing it with new material created after and inspired by what I experienced there.

    Some tracks like Preliminary Functions, Fade to Existence and Lost Recollections, deal with raw emotions; the anxiety before the trip, the pressure from all the attention from the outside or the amusement to be there. While other tracks try to represent my direct experience with Tokyo, like Excel 1-12-2 or Tokyo One; the first exploring the peacefulness you can find in there, due to their culture and traditions, and the second trying to be a representation of such metropolis in a certain way. Nevertheless, no track was created to define a specific emotion or moment, but rather general feelings of it all, it is also on the listener to find their own sensations and interpretations.

    The title itself only came in the end, after the album was finished and I could finally understand what it was, and as the name states, it was a moment of transition, what happened in between my previous work and what I will be doing next, a moment of wonder over a certain period of transition in my life.

    Most important to be noticed: this trip and this album only became so intense because of the people I met in there, fellow RBMA Alumini that inspired me to create it, talented young producers with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate and share ideas, and therefore grow. This is album is above all dedicated to them.”

    -Daniel Neves (MMMOOONNNOOO)

  • birdy earns – structure studies – speaker footage

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    Birdy Earns from Berlin is not your usual producer guy next door. He’s known for lovely compositions and heartbreaking melodies. Combined with glitchy and weird drumsets he leads you into his chaotic dimension of mysterious peace very gently. His influences are way too copious to say where his style comes from. It’s hard to put him in any genre, but this is exactly in his interest.

    „In the last year I was trying to invent something which should be new to me. I was juggling with very weird material and different production techniques I havn’t used before. The result is a series of odd ambient chops with some techno vibes here and there. This way of working was an interesting and instructive period for me.
    „Structure Studies“ is the little brother of „Fragments“ which I’ve released by myself in February 2015