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  • ralph white – narasota river devil squirrel – spirit of orr

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    Ralph White of Austin TX has been a part of the more forward moving country-blues activities of this planet for quite some time. From his work & endless touring with BAD LIVERS to his duets with Amy Annelle in the outfit PRECIOUS BLOOD, Mr White has shown that he is of the intuitive and insightful ilk that can ‘pick n’ shred’ beyond the earthly. As you may suspect few documents have appeared that demonstrate his powers and poetries as a soloist, where he is only peered with the most revered. Armed with fiddle, fretless banjo, kalimba, & button accordion, and his subtle and magnificent ‘new high lonesome’ croon, we are brought to a rare mirror. Yet another place where borders are erased and music is the only language. An intense & visionary outsider for sure. This record is a reissue of his first cd-r. It should surprise and win over even the most cynical record-hording ogre. A co-operative effort by MYSTRA & SPIRIT OF ORR, 600 copies total, hand glued cover art.