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  • avery gabbiano — oracles & chambers – spring break tapes

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    Heavily influenced by sacred geometry and marine life, Avery Gabbiano has produced a serene and meditative journey in the unknown with Oracles & Chambers. He combines aquatic tones, both synthesized and organically captured, with field recordings that coalesce to create a stunning sophomore effort.

  • head dress – rose – spring break tapes

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    With twelve releases in less than two years and no signs of slowing his prolific progress, Head Dress forges on with Rose, using modular synths to generate complex rhythms and unique pattern variations. The man behind the project is one Ted James Butler who you may recognize from his well established cassette podcast, Norelco Mori.

  • auxiliary priest – in the last days of the sutro fog – spring break tapes

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    The fog could be the only anchor you had to life outside the bubble. It felt like a clock made of pressure and water droplets and air. We added to and took from it with our breathing. Some afternoons on Fulton, walking uphill towards the park, it felt like personalized rain. It was there to help us. It kept things alive, if causing limited visibility and a few car crashes.

    I bottled some before we left. As a joke, maybe. “It’ll be nice to take this along.” I didn’t intend it as theft, or as a prank. I didn’t have any idea I’d be saving the last of a sentient lifeforce on the brink of extinction.

    This is what it remembers about its life in the last days of the Sutro fog.

  • monte burrows – fantasy living – spring break tapes

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    Four parallel smokestacks protrude from a prairie of calcareous ooze, the tallest headstones in a graveyard of fallen whales. These monolithic cylinders lead downward into a submerged necropolis, where sculptures and skeletons have been rendered indistinguishable by thick layers of marine snow and rust. All the colors of entropy can be found in the nebulous fungi that spatter what little driftwood remains undigested.

    Although mankind lost this vessel only a few decades ago, as far as the water nymphs are concerned, this ironclad temple has been present for centuries. It is the house of worship for their god of rust, who presides over death in the disputed territories between Earth and Sea. His priestesses perform rites of decay in the engine room, offering putrid mixtures of dolphin’s milk and petroleum to the silenced machines within.

    The memories of humans and ondines alike melt together as the surrounding ecosystem slowly claims their mortal remains. Through this synthesis, we experience the strange incantations of undersea magic alongside the last words of those entombed below deck. These echoes can be rewound and replayed as part of their now-shared reality, an impossible story of fantasy living rising from the paradoxical deep.

    — Uel Aramchek

  • ali helnwein – voyage – spring break tapes

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    Ali Helnwein’s Voyage is what an amusement park adventure ride would entail in a universe in which magic is not limited to parlour tricks or the realm of fantasy. The scenery is aural and yet the experience is almost cinematic – something one can see as well as hear.

    At first the cassette is almost exceeding odd; odd enough to make you understand you are facing the unfamiliar, something that years of listening to the pace, rhythm and aesthetics of more conventional music have ill equipped you to anticipate. The influences are manifold: a consuming passion for everything Baroque, a flavour of science fiction and 1980’s 8-Bit chiptunes and a thousand other ingredients all combined in a drive for pure creation and experimentation. The influences flower and wilt without warning, embracing a Zen like sense of transience as different types of sounds crop up and recede or meld into something new.

    Pop the tape in your tape-deck, sit down and really listen. It will be hard to keep the images from flooding your mind. Let it take hold and enjoy the journey.

  • junior pande – five – spring break tapes

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    Junior Pande’s Five is a telephone exchange full of funk and old school beats. Feathered jazz and brash rap rhythms mingle with soulful vocal samples, airy synths and scrubs and scratches that just get the itch.

    Some tracks hit you like percussive, concussive uppercuts straight to the gut, jerking your body into motion, then without warning the next track slows you down smooth, like swimming through molasses.

    Art by Justin Peroff and Kimi Kimo