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  • strange mountain – ancient eyes – twin springs tapes

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    The road winds across low hills, through forests, and on to a distant horizon. As you travel along this course, sunlight flickers and dapples through the trees playing tricks on your eyes. Awareness is heightened. The brief flashes of light produce a sense of movement through space, however as the road leads further and deeper into the woodlands, your sense of time becomes displaced. Eventually, bewildered by these shifts in consciousness, you stop the car and step out. There is no longer movement. All is still.

    Taking a step off of the asphalt and into the brush, you recall that the trees are our great ancestors. Humanity is just one small branch on the great tree of life. There is a strong sense of familiarity, of belonging. The trees have been here a long time. Here, in this grove far from time & place, as the light falls through the branches, you realize that your presence has not gone unnoticed – for you have been perceived by ancient eyes.