sunk series

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  • digital natives / journey of mind // xiphiidae / venn rain – 4-way split – sunk series

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    Four projects, two artists. Digital Natives and Journey of Mind slice and splice their way back to the source, looping the Mobius. Xiphiidae and Venn Rain plough foggy furrows with elliptical percussion and hazed laments.
    Edition of 50 pro-dubbed, imprinted double-tape sets. Art by Jen.

  • clime – rift valley landing – sunk series

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    New collaborative project from Jake Webster (Tuluum Shimmering) and Jimmy Billingham (Tidal, Venn Rain, etc.). Live recordings channel echoes of ancient extra-terrestrial civilisations, lost in the jungle, reverse-engineering primitive synthesis and jamming into the eternal with shamanic elders. Sweet, syrupy sounds of a hundred bandsmen, tape thick with teeming humidity and ecstatic offerings – archaic zones for alien futures. Beam down.
    50 pro-dubbed double-tape sets, with collaborative artwork by Jennifer Crouch and Jimmy Billingham

  • glass smoke – notilucent – sunk series

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    Melodic tape warblings and crumbling synthesis light the night sky.
    Edition of 25 home-dubbed, stamped tapes. Individual inserts by Jen.

  • innercity / tidal – split – sunk series

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    The urban centralist orbits future colonies with eagle-eyed precision, sending out rippling arpeggios and mumbled incantations. The b-side offers up lunar-oriented swamp serenades and dream drone, astral bodies pulling on waters.
    Edition of 50 pro-dubbed, stamped tapes. Art by Jen and Jimmy.

  • tidal / venn rain – missing time – sunk series

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    Tidal and Venn Rain back to back, surveying respective scenes of fogged, blissful memory traces and the clattering detritus of A.I. pop. Timeless droner Tidal spins swirls of wistful tones into fractal eddies of emotion, whilst loop-ego Venn Rain chains evolving patterns of snatched melodic lines, muted mechanics and tactile polyschisms. Remember to forget.
    50 pro-dubbed and a/b imprinted tapes, with artwork by Jennifer Crouch