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  • gastón arévalo – deriva – sweat lodge guru

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    Straight from Uruguay comes a beautiful batch of richly textured electro-acoustic spinouts. A boiled-down broth of electronica’s best parts. Lovely. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • tearjerker – strangers – sweat lodge guru

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    What in the world is hypnagogic pop? And where is all this shoegaze revivalism going anyways? In the hands of these three lads, pop songs implode into astonishingly subdued anthems, reminding us that there is no revival – all of our favorite tunes are merely waiting to be discovered and embraced. Introduce yourself. Strangers is proudly presented on the compact cassette format by the Sweat Lodge Guru with many thanks to the skilled hands that crafted it. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes.

  • western standards – the siren – sweat lodge guru

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    Out of the swirling murky depths, a shimmering aura rises upward. The source remains hidden beneath dark currents as phosphorescent ripples lap the shoreline. Limited to 85 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • vortex rikers – nullpunkt / the white queen – sweat lodge guru

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    Hypnotic and rhythmic rituals for the Witching Hour. Dawn exposes the benign countenance of the specters that ravaged the night. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • drugg – shackled – inner gazing- sweat lodge guru

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    A dense, hazy pop album drenched in low-end, “Shackled” is the first outing from UK duo Drugg. Also includes huge remixes from Pole and Visions of Trees on the b-side. As fluid as can be, lovingly. Edition of 85 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • RxRy – alpha – sweat lodge guru – lp

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    If the blogosphere hype machine were represented as a physical city, every overblown diatribe rendered as a gaudy tower scraping at soot-filled skies, then the Alpha EP is the crumbling warehouse on the edge of the grid, it’s dilapidated facade streaked with the arrhythmic patterns of distant and dying neon lights. Windows glowing against a polluted twilight skyline, harboring some secretive and pulsating celebration within. As the architect, the shadowy figure(s) known as RxRy have poured their foundation onto IDM and techno, then raised a framework on ambient and drone. Electric melodies are wired into walls of static and thundering low-end vibrations, billowing sheets of noise and compression decay over a shuddering scaffold of analog warmth. New algorithms are emerging from the digital dust – intelligent dance music for the next generation of sound-seekers. Turn your ears and minds towards the fringes, you’re within earshot. Limited to 400 copies (250 on black vinyl, 150 on clear vinyl).

  • elm – nemcatacoa – sweat lodge guru

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    “Originally presented as a small-run CD in 2009, Elm’s Nemcatacoa instantly cemented itself as the quintessential solo outing from Jon Porras (one half of the duo Barn Owl). It’s dark, scorching passages left listeners in awe, helping to pave the way for the band’s oncoming meteoric rise. Here we’ve presented this masterwork on vinyl for the first time ever. Pressed in a one-time edition of 400 copies, complete with brand new artwork by Mr. Jon Porras. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.”

  • fns – uppsalir – sweat lodge guru

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    A live ritual recorded in crystalline fidelity, backed by a whole side of brand new material. Swirling sheets of mercurial sound and guitar meditations from Norway’s Fredrik Ness Sevendal. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • siddhi – dark leaves – sweat lodge guru

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    Lonesome reveries for darkened desert wanderers, a motion picture soundtrack for tracing paths between the stars in the evening skies. The patterns shine more vividly when your eye trips across them – the melodies become more lucid once they fall from the sky and light the earth with their spiraling arcs of phosphorescence. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • mickey mickey rourke – inner gazing- sweat lodge guru

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    A psychotropic bender for the morning hours. While dust-speckled sunshine presses the slits between the blinds, you sip your tea and attempt to orientate your limbs. Cosmic tones penetrate and ricochet through the hallways of your central chakras, engaging the inner spirit in a cryptic waltz. Presenting once again: Mister Mickey Mickey Rourke, 150% superstar. Limited to 85 pro-dubbed cassettes.