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  • denovo vol I – tabernacle tapes

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    recordings made free open & live to tape in the living room and the hall
    in order to bare witness to the struggle that illuminates the kalediscope to godhead

    A. word made god flesh
    alva to checotah pt. I

    B. looking for a new mama
    alva to checotah pt II


    “warehouse find of this local self released tape. Members have gone on to be part of mendocino”

  • stinging nettle – tabernacle tapes

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    tabernacle tapes single-sided c54
    you may remember the last tabernacle tapes that appeared mysteriously out of tomentosa’s back yard of asheville. Over time members of the tabernacle tapes crew have come to light but im still not sure who’s behind this tape exactly and the tale is that the tabernacle crew has merged with other local factions into some sort of mad 8 person collective that rumors say get into some pretty deep zones. Of course this collective going by the name mendocino county has been elusive as well; they keep popping up in late late night shows around town besting any of my attempts to catch them in full force. Live recordings have supposedly been delivered to here to tomentosa headquarters but they too seem to have disappeared.

    While this tape mines some of the same diy home recorded feel as the first tabernacle tapes, it delves into different territory. Sparser at times perhaps & overall definitely a feedback tinged journey that at times finds peace but more often drives into dislocation and chaos. Recommended if yr into diy bedroom sounds that reward the deeper you dig and longer you hang.