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  • mv & ee w/the golden smokehound – helderberg haze – tape drift

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    Scorchingly beautiful live basement set from Matt and Erika, this time traveling with fantastic drummer the Golden Smokehound. Recorded in summer 2012 at the Helderberg House in Albany, NY. A choice night from a trio directly tuned into every lunar twist and turn, beaming magic soundwaves straight to us here on earth. From Matt’s delicately picked acoustic guitars to Erika’s otherwordly lapsteel to multiple fuzz-laden cascades of inspiration to a perfect Dylan cover, MV and EE shared their journey with a few friends lucky enough to sit and be hypnotized. We thought it’d be a crime not to share this cosmic music further. So for those unable to make it, this release captures the whole show on glorious analog tape. Free your mind and let the sound wash over you.

  • chapels – shadows – tape drift

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    Fantastic and utterly inimitable creeper style madness from Adam Richards, king of the House of Alchemy label, and best dude ever. We have no idea where he coaxes these sounds from or what he’s doing, but this is a magical tape. Restrained, dark, powerful, ghostly and all-knowing, it’s near impossible to deny the mastery that Richards has on display here. The roll call of amazing Chapels releases this year is massive, and this one can sit comfortably high atop the pack. You won’t be able to describe this music or pigeonhole it, but that’s exactly the way we like it. Essential now sounds.

  • locrian / century plants – dissolvers – tape drift

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    Tape Drift’s first excursion into vinyl presents this massive split LP from two duos, one from Chicago, one upstate New York. These groups have been honing their unique and personal brands of sound for years, and both approach the task in similar ways, drawing equally from noise, drone, psych, kraut, minimalism, and metal influences. Each band offers up their best recorded work yet here, raising the stakes another huge notch. The Locrian side demonstrates their phenomenal range, and beautifully adds to their well established oeuvre with new and complex elements. Century Plants make their first appearance on wax, and show how far they’ve progressed in a few short years, bringing two subtly dark tracks that build in intensity. A slow burner, this LP is the rare split that sounds like a unified whole, and the pairing makes perfect sense. Intense building waves of sound, dense drones, feedback, power electronics, noise, psychedelic guitars, swirling synths and vox are all in the mix in ways only these two bands could pull off. A dark, dense, and ominous record, Dissolvers is also deeply cloaked in mystery and spaciousness. Mastered by James Plotkin for maximum heavy spectral sound, this is a must own record for noise, drone, psych, and metal heads alike. With design by Terence Hannum of Locrian, and art by Scott Treleaven, the LP is packaged in a black jacket with silkscreened silver leaf ink, and a special double-sided color insert.
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  • nite lite – pepper people – tape drift

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    Tape Drift is thrilled and honored to present this heartfelt missive from the West Coast, highlighting the wonderfully strange music of Phil and Myste French, proprietors of the famed and influential Stunned Records label (RIP). Featuring not only music but also art and packaging by Phil and Myste, this is a very special release for Tape Drift and one that can be considered our own tribute to a label that has inspired us for years, and has supported so many acts in the DIY tape world. It looks, sounds, and feels like a tiny remembrance of the days when a package of Stunned tapes arriving in the post was better than a holiday. Musically, Nite Lite pushes even further into the development of their own unique sound world showcased so well on the “Megrez” LP for Desire Path Recordings. Various field recordings blend with tiny percussive figures, tapes, and drones to create an organic and seamless whole that is both mysterious and magical in its transportational powers. As with everything Phil and Myste have had a hand in, this tape is a meticulously crafted thing of beauty, and essential in every way.

  • code: suite 104 -gateway – tape drift

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    Debut release from this solo minimal electronics project by Montreal’s Frank Hobo Cubes. Mysterious in theme, this is an excellent side excursion into new realms for Frank. Hovering tones, pulses, and glitches reference classic electronic works, but each sound is imbued with a sense of space and importance, creating a work that stands entirely on its own. Twenty minutes of perfection, and the brevity is part of the appeal – nothing more is said than is absolutely essential. You’ll find yourself flipping the tape over and over, eagerly wanting to spend more time in its cavernous sound.

  • twilight of the century – hibernation – tape drift

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    First available recordings of this long-running (yet rarely playing) improvisational unit, consisting of Ray Hare, Mike Bullock, Linda Aubry Bullock, and Eric Hardiman. Coming together in 2008 as a one-off merger between Century Plants and Rise Set Twilight, TOC quickly took on a life of its own, with each of the four members providing a unique voice and set of experience. This tape showcases a single session, with the group creating 4 epic tracks that range from hauntingly atmospheric to menacing and ominous, with countless stopping points in between. Mysterious synth textures, Linda’s treated voice, Ray’s guitar and inimitable vox, and dueling doom-laden yet contemplative bass riffs from Mike and Eric are the core ingredients, and together they form a whole that defies description.

  • m geddes gengras – aural mimesis – tape drift

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    You may know him as half of the Antique Brothers, a quarter of Pocahaunted, or a third of Robedoor, but however you slice things up, they’re always better when Ged’s involved. Following great releases on Stunned and Digitalis, this tape is the heaviest and most fully realized piece of music Ged has made yet. Topping all expectations by a few thousand miles, We have yet to hear a better record this year. Ged works an alchemical magic here, using modular synth and more traditional instruments to carry us to dizzying new levels of bliss. Undeniably heavy and dark, but also subtle, melodic, and sonically rich. Two complex 30-minute pieces designed for maximum hypnosis that will have you addicted in no time flat. Essential in every sense. Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on purple cassettes.

  • talk west – old wired fault – tape drift

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    Solo recordings on 12-string acoustic, pedal steel, and electronics from Dylan Golden out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s a decidedly dust-bowl feel at play here, with Dylan demonstrating a keen attention to texture, space, and his relationship to his instruments. Moments of rust-bitten finger-picked blues are interspersed with gorgeous ambient lapsteel drifting into outer space. And while the musical geography is midwestern at its heart, there’s also an incredible universality in the harmonic and melodic language Dylan has crafted. Beautifully emotional sounds that cover so much ground you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without this tape.

  • derek rogers – everything that mattered, at once – tape drift

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    Another visit from TD alum Derek Rogers is cause for celebration. In the intervening years since “Petit Chapeau”, Rogers has made an indelible mark on the DIY/drone worlds, showing a growth and development only possible with someone who takes their craft this seriously. This tape is a perfect distillation of Derek’s gently overdriven melodic sensibilities. Ever patient, he masterfully wraps his sounds in soft blankets of fuzz that cascade over the listener until the known world disappears and all that’s left is a gorgeous landscape of sonic majesty. Essential listening.