the tapeworm

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  • pye corner audio – the ever present hum – the tapeworm

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    The Head Technician writes: “These two pieces are an exploration of the setup I use for my live shows. I wanted to come at it from a more compositional angle however. Using only a looping delay pedal and two synthesisers, they became a meditation on the sounds that surround us, but often go unheard.” – The Head Technician, 19 September 2012

  • deceh – fundamental structure – the tapeworm

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    Cassette-release in an edition of 400 copies only. A close study of the harmonic composition of a Hammond organ and a sruti box with attention given to the organization of isolated frequencies and the effects of these vibrations on brain activity. Deceh writes: “Once four, three no more, now we’re up to two. Dear old friend, must this end, before we start anew?” Deceh is an anonymous duo including Eleh.