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  • faces of emmanuelle (bleu nuit video 001) – they live we sleep

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    “Faces of Emmanuelle” (dir. Rob Feulner)

    An exploration of the VHS medium and the subterranean trash which thrived in it. Using source material from Emmanuelle 6, this DVD-R/VHS further blurs the line between low and high art. Beautiful cinematography coupled with smut. Strategic pauses and tracking errors guides the viewer to discover the true depth and sadness of the seemingly one-dimensional Emmanuelle. Soaring arpeggio synths and pulsating rhythms by Rob Feulner. The utter destruction of arguably the most beautiful film never seen, lost and forgotten on the shelf of your local video store, behind the cowboy doors or dangling beads. Written off as pornography by most, written off as too soft by creeps. This is the plight of Emmanuelle.

    The DVD is duplicated on glossy DVD-5 discs, using the highest quality 6-colour inkjet printing possible. Keeping true to its title, there are three different disc “faces.” The DVD is packaged in a professional quality DVD-sized jewel case named the Super Jewel Box King, a case like no other, and is unfortunately no longer being manufactured. Full colour double-sided printing for both the cover and trapsheet.

    Running time – 27:36
    NTSC Region 0

  • naked narcotics – bliss metallic – they live we sleep

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    Jamming under the hot NOLA sun, Naked Narcotics follow the three most important Rs of music production: repetition, repetition, repetition. Short bursts of Suicide-esque drum kicks with Neu! wavering synth lines overlayed, this debut cassette is a real gem in the old They Live We Sleep shoebox. Its psych rhythms are doused with sleaze, peep shows, and 60s girlie mags.
    Pink shell c44 cassette with TV Guide schedule listing sticker. The cover is full colour and FULLY 3D! No need to break out your copy of Friday the 13th Part 3, each copy comes with a pair of red/cyan 3D glasses. Limited to 32 copies.

  • aim low & les beyond – string theory – they live we sleep

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    Aim Low & Les Beyond – String Theory
    Aim Low and Les Beyond could not be further from each other musically. Aim Low have earned their reputation as one of Montreal’s loudest bands, three guitarists shredding and hitting pedals shredding and hitting pedals shredding and hitting pedals. Les Beyond performs delicately, strumming low tones with precision that you can only hear if you allow yourself to. Together they have the ability to create a strategically played wall of sound loud that you may want to bust out some ear plugs for your own living room. Side B is an ode to their hero of broken ear drums, Rhys Chatham, and may we all slowly go deaf.

    Two hippie commune covers, so if you have any preference you can mention that in the order. Turquoise shell with insert. Limited to 32 copies.

  • les cousins dangereux – jacks

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    TLWS is proud to present Les Cousins Dangereux’s ambient-electronic cassette debut, “Jacks”. Quite a departure from his first LP, “All Sprinkles”, “Jacks” is Tim Thornton’s love letter to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, while managing to build and conceptualize his own stand-alone, personal release. The Twin Peaks related track titles perfectly match the duality of LCD’s procedure and final product. The dread of a nightmare that you will never awaken from, and the serenity of Love Theme. Side A’s digital crunch-time beats, and the analog explorations of distance in side B. “Jacks” forces you to look into a mirror and laugh in the face of your doppelganger. Limited to 30 copies. Full colour J-cards and inserts, Lynch red curtain cassette shells.