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  • the moisturizer – 3 headed howl 2 – together tapes

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    Second in the Moisturizer’s Three Headed Howl series. Heavily blown out tape delay and cassette loops with an ominous underlying beauty present. The whole thing sounds like whaaawhooo and bell tones. Grey zone feedback drone loner visions. Edition of 100 with heavy printed 4C art and mag scrap all over labels.

  • glom – super faust – together tapes

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    First tape of recent material from this new project. Both sides utilize the setup of 3 modified tape delays and warped records. One sides like a super crude roots of the moment while the other’s like a thousand aboriginies chanting in an unknown coastal cave. Fast stereo looping and muffled textures generated from abused music to make new music… fuck music. Full color j-card with b/w interior and mag-scrap labels. Edition of 46.

  • teeth collection – the together tape – together tapes

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    Totally stoked to do this tape for longtime friend Matt Reis and his ongoingly excellent Teeth Collection. Matt has been an abuser of metal for as long as I’ve known him, since our days together in Yes,Collapse when he built a whole drumset out of oversized metal scrap to this current, far more restrained, scraping, clattering sounds of the clumsy workshop. Often the hiss of the room itself is the dominant sound until the throb of perpetually offended junk arrests the ear in the maelstrom whipped from Matt’s frenzied destruction. Full color j-card with b/w interior and mag-scrap labels. Edition of 50.