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  • aufklärung – zeit der aufklärung – tombed visions

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    All tape releases come housed in a metallic black jewellery case, complete with a custom tracing paper Obi strip, gloss card insert, download code and zip lock bag. Professionally mastered and dubbed onto Low Ferric Noise C60 cassette. Includes a special ‘Opium’ scented incense stick for setting the acquired mood for aural ingestion. Edition of 50.

    Taking their name from the German term “Age of Enlightenment”, the duo Aufklärung tread a somnambulistic journey through pastoral beauty, slowburning psychedlia and caring introspection; a document of two close friends reconnecting. Recording in the winter of 2012, the duo decamped in an abandoned church in an isolated part of the Yorkshire countryside. Instead of the usual exchange of pleasantries, Lucy and Alex, barely saying a word to each other, instinctively turned on a Dictaphone and sat down to takes turns on guitar and the old piano sat by the graveyard. The result is four tantric improvisations that display an innate musical kinship, as if the melodies were pre-written and streaming through the ether, to be plucked and then examined by the pair, commenting on the phenomena in slow and considered conversation. There is a directness and a beautiful fragility to this recordings that completely resonates within the music. Although a mutual affection for La Monte Young and Popul Vuh can be perhaps detected, Johnson and Macarte’s travels are less structured and reflect the circumstances surrounding the recordings; the words come from the strings and the keys. Admittedly inspired by the 21.12.2012 phenomenon and its posit of new human consciousness and awareness, ‘Zeit Der Aufklärung’ speechless conversation could be seen as the awakening of this? Or as simple something serene to be beholden to.

  • duke of zuke – apnoeic – tombed visions

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    Apnoeic is the second EP from London-based composer and cineaste Clint Trofa. Whereas Trofa’s previous work had focused much more on a diverse pollination of sounds and instrumentation, ‘Apnoeic’ see a vast reduction in compositional tools; strictly using the electric guitar and a handful of effects pedals to create an eerie, cinematic tapestry of mood and atmosphere that is far more mature, direct and clear in its songwriting and characterised by a bruise-blue melancholy. The compositions that make up the record each originate from simple loops, flowering in a layering effect in which each note is perfectly placed to accentuate the mise-en-scene of the albums filmic character. Album centre-piece ‘The Trick Is To Breathe’ is exemplary of this, washing the listener with sparse arpeggios that slowly ascend into redemptive bowed strings. It should come as no surprise then that three of the tracks recently featured in the documentary ‘The Pedway: Elevating London’ which was screened to a sold out Barbican as part of the Architecture Film Season. Of all the recent works on the Tombed Visions label to centre their voice on the guitar, Trofa’s work is the most unashamedly honorific of the instrument, refusing to disguise or bury its qualities under mountains of effects. Instead, Trofa has opted to craft 5 individual scenes that flow together like an imaginary and hallucinatory short film, chiaroscuro in shade and most importantly narrated by his delicate ‘moonlight’ playing style which owes a debt as much to Ry Cooder as it does Loren Mazzacane Connors. The result is an album that is feels far more emotionally inclusive of the listener and utterly refreshing in its directness.