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  • mr matthews – high pass heart – tranquility tapes

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    A core member of essential groups Telecult Powers and Hex Breaker Quartet/Quintet, Mr. Matthews strikes out on his own for his first solo release under his chosen name. Matthews has been playing/building synthesizers and recording music on his own for quite a few years, and now he’s generously sharing the incredible fruits of those endeavors with the rest of us. High Pass Heart covers a lot of territory in less than 40 minutes, from melody-driven micro-compositions, to outer space drones, to full-on noise power houses. It’s all tied together with carefully selected “found sounds” and track titles that showcase Matthews’ sly wit and mordant sense of humor. Rarely do you hear music that is so personal and human from a man who is as in touch with the machines as Mr. Matthews. Imprinted chrome cassettes featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • the rainbow body – magnetic highway – tranquility tapes

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    After two self-released cassettes and one CDR, we’re happy to share new music by Providence’s Matthew Kattman, who performs as The Rainbow Body. Using the guitar and an arsenal of effects on Magnetic Highway, Kattman collects six equally massive drone soundscapes that teem with melodic beauty and interstellar textures. The shoegaze influence is quite apparent in Kattman’s work, and fans of more recent purveyors of the style like Fennesz, Jefre Cantu- Ledesma, and the first Belong album will find plenty to adore here. Kattman puts his own cosmic stamp on the style, though, by allowing deep, rich tones in each piece stretch out and shimmer to the glorious end. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • xanthocephalus – sp. – tranquility tapes

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    Very few solo experimental projects lean heavily on the bass guitar, but Brooklyn’s Russ Alderson does it mightily. Combining elements of noise, drone, and free improv, Xanthocephalus is Alderson’s outlet for contemplation and destruction. sp. showcases so much of what is unique about this project, from the thoughtfully integrated field recordings, to the hypnotic low end drones, to the carefully controlled bursts of string shredding and feedback. For those who have yet to experience Alderson’s work, this is a perfect entry point, and for those already familiar, this is another incredibly satisfying and intense expression of the enticing and dangerous ways of the wild. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • parashi – particle collider – tranquility tapes

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    Parashi is the solo guise of upstate New York noise head Mike Griffin. Using an arsenal of electronics, synths, and effects, Griffin carefully concocts wonderfully delirious soundscapes. Unlike the monotony that many noise projects succumb to, every piece that Griffin creates sounds utterly unique. Among the four pieces on Particle Collider, there are tracks that are raw, intense, and in-your-face while others are more restrained and subtle. Each one offers you a voyeuristic glimpse into a deeply strange but equally fascinating world of sound. You may get the sneaking suspicion that you’re not supposed to be there, but you certainly won’t want to look away anytime soon. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • bedroom – trans – tranquility tapes

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    On his third release for the label, Michael Chau continues to expand Bedroom’s horizon and introduce new elements to his sonic palate. The sky-high, dreamy vibrations from previous releases are still ever present, but now drum machines deliver infectious grooves and motorik rhythms. Chau has an excellent ear for melody, causing gauzy drones and laser-sharp arpeggios to stick with you long after the sounds have faded away. Perfect for early morning drives or late night walks, tap in and let this one soundtrack your next journey through life’s superhighway. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • jean-sébastien truchy – l’amitié – tranquility tapes

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    From his work with previous groups such Fly Pan Am to his impeccable label Los Discos Enfantasmes, Jean-Sébastien Truchy has long been a staple of the experimental music scene in Montreal. His recent solo recordings under his own name are at once remarkably challenging and engrossing. L’amitié, his lengthiest release to date, continues that line with a brilliant mix of heavy modular synthesis, vocals, and field recordings. Sparse nature sounds, buzzing synth blasts, and sequenced melodies set the stage for Truchy’s incredible vocals, which range from full-on black metal screaming to almost operatic singing. There are elements of pop, musique concrète, and more, but this is truly genre-defying music in every sense of the term. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • kyle landstra / subtle body – split – tranquility tapes

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    On this split, two Juno warriors operating on elevated levels offer meditative synth passages to help align your Chakras. Kalamazoo’s Kyle Landstra starts off with deep, steady drones that aim straight for the mind’s furthest reaches. His sidelong piece drones mightily and shifts subtly, with each slight filter tweak and affectation breathing new life into the proceedings. Subtle Body, aka Asheville’s Joe Moresi, answers with three airy and contemplative passages that are a perfect melodic counterpoint to Landstra’s burrowing drones. At once sad and uplifting, each piece can be heard as an acknowledgement of the inevitable reality of death while celebrating the complex beauty of the life that came before it. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • glass house / even the dew is porous – split – tranquility tapes

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    This split collects more than an hour of music from two of our favorite new projects from the Northeastern United States. Based in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Glass House is the duo of Ian Collier and Eric Brannon, and together these two make monolithic ambient music that teems with both warmth and darkness. Distinctly cinematic and glacially-paced, this is music you will have no problem losing yourself in repeatedly. Even the Dew is Porous is Burlington’s Tyler Brassard. Brassard juggles analog and digital synths as well as guitar to creating gleaming, amorphous works of sound. Each of the four pieces on this split is bursting at the seams with a life of its own and somehow manages to evoke pastoral and mechanical imagery at once. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • emuul / hemosis – split – tranquility tapes

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    Two long-time Seattle compatriots team up, patch in, and give their modular rigs a workout. Followers of this label should be no stranger to Emuul’s Kyle Iman, a household favorite who always offers up something unique and progressive with each new release. Here, Iman digs deeper into harsh territories than ever before, as ultra-deep bass swells build to the point of intense distortion. It’s all held together, of course, by the sort of charming, pensive melody that always makes Iman’s music so irresistible. On the flip side, newcomer Matthew Kenall unveils his Hemosis project with two distinct serenades. One explores a repeated melody, twisting and deconstructing a catchy tune with filters and effects. The next focuses primarily on texture, allowing looser and more drawn out passages to gleefully bubble and buzz. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • sparkling wide pressure – sing what you remind me of – tranquility tapes

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    Few have a style as singular and consistently fascinating as Tennessee’s Frank Baugh. With a formidable discography under his belt, Baugh has utilized his Sparkling Wide Pressure moniker to explore spaces that are as eccentric and alien as they are beautiful and comforting. Sing What You Remind Me Of finds Baugh pushing the project further into left-field pop territory while retaining the strange, psychedelic glory that has already made believers out of many underground sound eaters. Intricately realized pieces for guitar, bass, voice, and electronics carry sweeping, nostalgic melodies that convey warmth, yet feel as though they could collapse into abstraction at any moment. This combination of compositional prowess, improvisational tendency, and ability to take the listener to realms both familiar and unsettling at once always keeps Baugh’s work deeply engrossing and utterly addictive. On pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.