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  • bern porter & mark melnicove – music for children of all ages vol 1 – turned word

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    300 pressed.
    Includes an insert and a loose leaf booklet of rare photos and 20 founds, most never before published.
    Hand stamped offset printed covers on re-cycled jackets.

    Tracks 1,3,5 and 8 on side A from “For our friends in Germany”, 1979.
    Track 2 on side A, used by permission from the Fredrick Wiseman film Belfast, Maine. Zipporah Films 1999.
    Tracks 4, 9 and 10 on side A, and track 2 on side B taken from an interview that Abby Shahn and James Fangboner did of Bern, 1986.
    Tracks 6,7 and 11 on side A, and track 3 on side B contributed by Mark Melnicove, 1980, 1982, 1980 and 1985.
    Track 1 side B from Aerial #I cd 1988.

  • village of spaces ‎– alchemy and trust – turned word records

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    All songs written by Dan Beckman-Moon and Amy Moon O-S. All artwork by Amy Moon O-S . Mastered by Timmothy Stollenwerk. V.O.S. 2009-2011

  • tashi dorji – tashi dorji – turned word

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    Solo Guitar by Tashi Dorji

    A contact mic used to add reverb and subtle feedbacks , few prepared materials were used.

  • village of spaces – welcome in – turned word records

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    “The spirit of a thousand private press jewels is present in every note; imagine if Tony Caro & John had enlisted Kendra Smith to sing lead.”

    “Intimate but inviting, Welcome In’s airy charms belie the masterful songcraft beneath every surface.”

    “‘Wheels’ will conclude every mix CD I make this year. Maybe next year, too.”
    above three quotes by James Toth
    released 07 June 2014

    All songs written by Dan Beckman-Moon and Amy Moon Offermann Sims except River of Time by Mary Offermann

  • (d)(b)(h) – the world is a wedding as wet as breath on glass – tr w/d

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    On The World is a Wedding as Wet as Breath on Glass, heavy
    gestures are scattered across the bottle strewn basement floor, and poetic
    mutterings fill the ears with intelligent soft speak. Add this to the list of DBH’s expansive sonic outpourings
    and you got a nice collection of some of America’s finest junk jazz recordings