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  • issac willow – tramplasurin’ – twin palm cinematics

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    Who in calamity of womb hums hymns handed. Purgatorial transit. Bow to fluorescent god unmisted. Cold carried quiet since. Ceaseless static resurrection. Prayers murmured to gutter. They say life flashes before the eyes but only void beckons void and the divergence hums one black instant. Crawl to what lights linger. Last seen sinking. – Andrew Bauman

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    Jeffry Astin has had many different monikers through the years, Issac Willow probably being one of the oldest besides xiphiidae. Issac Willow ventures into spaces that most of Jeff’s other projects touch at. A full out focused slide through and into sounds that more dominate that compliment. Initially inspiring a wonderment of what the fuck did I just put in my tape deck, but then by the end you find yourself bobbing your head like it was one of jeff’s sides as digital natives, weird huh?