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  • lost trail – other burlington – twin springs tapes

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    I awoke to a summer evening already tinged with the sad gold of swiftly approaching autumn. Every bird in the towering oaks was whispering “Come see, come see.” They led me in escort to an unfamiliar neighborhood, past the boarded-up mansions, past the crumbling mills, past the train cars sitting slumped and rusted on un-used sidings. The air shifted, the world tilted imperceptibly on its axis, and all grew hushed and chilled. At the wooded void of a dead-end street at dusk, I glanced in my rearview to find the backseat of my little car teeming with spirits, pure refractions of light and dark jostling for the seatbelts. What else could I do but bring them home, to the shadowy reaches and unmapped hollows of our own halls? With their consent, I recorded their stories on tape, though their ephemeral nature distorts and damages all attempts to capture their voices. Listen close. This is the music we’ve made while reaching across the threshold and clasping hands. – Lost Trail

  • andy loebs – hibernation sickness – twin springs tapes

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    High-bias, grey c30 with full color, double-sided J Card insert; hand-painted cassette shells by Andy. Limited to 25. Each tape is dubbed to order in real time.

    Cosmic nostalgia wrapped in warm saturation, “Hibernation Sickness” is a pilgrimage as far IN as it is far out – the hymns of a star child long forgotten and abandoned. Andy’s haunted, analog synth expressions are serene, and they create an experience that is at once both strange and familiar, as if reliving a distant memory within a dream…

    Andy Loebs: Roland Juno 60

  • filthy ocean – riders palace – twin spring tapes

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    C30 // Printed Locally In Asheville // Assembled & Dubbed At Home // Limited To 25

    We are all interconnected now. The wind whispers freshest basket of taste for delivery, and it tastes good. Samurai ceiling regurgitates former visions and waits for a lost dawn. Perhaps it’s not the only one.

  • demonstration synthesis – ds19 – twin springs tapes

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    C40 // Printed Locally In Asheville // Assembled & Dubbed At Home // Limited To 25

    “My idea for this was jam it out, don’t think about anything, I shortened some shit and took out very few mistakes, left some awkward notes in that I felt whatever about. I view this piece as like 3 shows. it was 3 sessions. 3 synths. 3 pieces of hardware effects.

    These five pieces were created 3 distinct stages. All of these tracks were started the same way – putting down 1, 2, or 3 tracks of sequential circuits six trak thru my Moog 12 Stage Phaser (70s rack version, not the reissue) and the Electro Harmonix Freeze pedal sound retainer, which I would fade drones of held six trak notes or chords in and out manually using the pedal’s volume level and latch feature. also went thru the Boss DM-3 analog delay pedal.

    Second stage was using Garageband synth engines and adding stuff using the musical typing feature so actually playing the laptop’s keyboard as a synth.

    Third stage was Juno 60 straight into the board, applying some reverb/delay after in Garageband.

    This thing was all live, no loops, no sequencing, just my fingers and gear. I also resisted the temptation to do too many overdubs. just wanted to hear combinations of sounds.” – Daniel Laznoff

  • derek m poteat – guilt – twin springs tapes

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    TST 03

    High-bias, C60 black cassette with double-sided J Card, and tape labels. Original artwork graciously provided by Casey Collier. Every tape is dubbed to order in real time.

    Sub-sonic explorations into the void.

    Derek M Poteat: Bass

    “Sound is fleeting and difficult to capture – every effort was made to record every squeak, buzz, echo, and speaker flutter that occurred during recording. This recording was put together as a whole, to be listened to consecutively, with each side existing independently. While there are moments of subtlety on this recording, it should be listened to at high volumes on speakers that can handle low frequencies. Only then will the listener be able to hear the organic sounds coming forth from the bass, the amplifiers, and the speakers. I want the listener to feel every note – emotionally and physically. La Faena!” – Derek

    Ranging from noise to contemplative sound experiments, Poteat’s new material is loose and exploratory, pushing the electric bass to its limits in sound and in composition. While some tracks are composed, many of Poteat’s tracks are improvisational, letting the music and sound guide the track – feeling every note that the bass can produce. The music becomes a physical experience as much as a mental or spiritual happening.

    After completing a solo tour of Spain, France, and Belgium in June and July of 2012, Poteat set about recording material in an effort to capture the sound and the feel of a live performance. While this is difficult to translate, every effort was made to emulate a live performance in an effort to catch those sounds. In opposition to most recording procedures, which have to focus on blending different instruments and sounds, Poteat was able to place all attention on the bass, using multiple amplifier and cabinet formations, all played at incredibly loud volumes to catch the nuances of sound and speaker movement. The results of these recording sessions are as close to a live performance as could possibly be achieved.

  • wes tirey – gnostic hymns of the blue ridge mountains vol 1 – twin springs tapes

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    Wes conjures an ancient land from the hallows of his guitar and lends praise to the Blue Ridge Mountains. To the ghosts of ancestors who settled and worked with the land. To the majesty of wilderness. These are their hymns.

    (There used to be more ghosts then than now.)

  • otto stro – deaverchester – twin springs tapes

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    “Deaverchester” generates a fabric of transmissions, broadcast from an isolated radio station far from our place & age. Perhaps the album title refers to a location – maybe a street name just off of Main Street in Anywhere, USA. Easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. That’s where the radio station was/is/will be. We only catch the slightest transmissions now, out of focus due to the massive distances through time & space they have taken to reach us.

    But, for now we can listen. What do you hear?

  • kyle landstra – dream array – twin springs tapes

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    Enter into a lucid passage of dreams – presented here with improvised, temperate tones by synthesist Kyle Landstra (Chicago, IL).

    ‘Dream Array’ was initially conceived as a commissioned piece for artist Nathan Abels to accompany his show on june 13th, 2014 at Hinterland Gallery in Denver, Colorado entitled ‘West with the Night’.

    This piece was to match the mood and tone of Nathan’s work in a loosely spun journey through the breath of a dream. This cassette is the entirety of the track that is split between two sides which totals approximately 60 minutes.

  • i am just a pupil – heartful – twin springs tapes

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    The sun rises in a clear sky. Breathe in deeply as all of Nature resounds in harmony with the multiverse. You are the center, your heart full of life and love. Now exhale. Manifest peace with every breath. Feel the kaleidoscope of consciousness flowing through your being. The nuclear age is passing, the New Age has ascended. Light some incense, meditate, and smile. Let your heart be full…

  • kate carr – paris winter spring – twin springs tapes

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    “Paris Winter Spring” is based on recordings taken on the last day of winter and the first day of spring in Paris. It is an album on the transition of seasons – including the ebb and flow of tourism, which is a prominent feature of Paris.

    You will hear sounds recorded inside the Louvre, from the Seine, and various other spots on the streets of the city.

    Kate Carr’s work explores our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. Her music blurs the boundaries between instruments and field recordings, underlining the intersections and overlaps between nature and culture and the myriad of incomplete ways we attempt to make sense of these terms. It explores place and non-place, being and imagining.