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  • fourth world magazine vol. 2 – pinhead In fantasia – pacific city sound visions / underwater peoples

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    Pacific City Sound Visions has relocated it’s massive headquarters to Belgium. To insure Americans direct access to Spencer Clark, his latest triceratops, and future gems of unimaginable worth, Underwater Peoples Records is proud to announce an official corporate partnership. As of today, Underwater Peeps will be handling Pacific City’s distribution and direct order sales to The United States of America. International orders will continue to be fulfilled by Pacific City.

    Our first offering is of course, Fourth World Magazine Vol. 2 – Pinhead In Fantasia – AVAILABLE NOW. Purchasers receive the 12″ LP + a 12 page opus. “Art and text to blow your mind by” by AR FAUST (film envisioner), Spencer Clark, and David Keenan.

    The album was recorded in an Open Air theater and in a golden metal box simultaneously.

  • girlseeker – 1-800-greed – underwater peoples

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    Apart from one or two lonesome 4-track explorers popmusic didn’t really break bones in the off-stream musical spectrum for the last ten years or so. Just when we started worrying about a scene that would become overruled by eternal drones and loops, Danish pop freaks Girlseeker came to the rescue. With an oeuvre that sounds like a more dance friendly and mentally disabled version of Ariel Pink, the trio (live often extended by the guitarist of Iceage) is ready to herald a new musical era. Fusion jazz, Alan Vega and eighties AOR are the main ingredients of the Girlseeker cult and despite the sometimes happy sounding keyboard patterns, the lyrics embrace the same existentialist crisis of that period. With the whole electronic eighties revival movement Girlseeker share a fascination for MTV- and VHS culture, but leaves out all the irony and false nostalgia. This is pop music in its purest moment: psychotic outsider art for the romantic listener.

    This LP is a split-release with Big Love, Insula Music, Release the Bats, Denim Hologram, Silver Ghosts, KRAAK, New Images, Music City, 4:2:2v2 en Underwater Peoples.

  • monopoly child star searchers – the garnet toucan – underwater peoples

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    The Garnet Toucan is the latest release from Monopoly Child Star Searchers, the project of Charles Berlitz aka Spencer Clark (Skaters, Black Joker) The album is the final work in the “Romance Audio Trilogy”, succeeding 2010′s Bamboo For Two (Olde English Spelling Bee) and the CDr, Make Mine Macaw.
    In his own words:

    The intention in thse works lies in finding a symbolic, exotic, animal to unleash a psychoactive environment expression that leads one to an elaborate meeting with the natural world. The Garent Toucan completes the trilogy by uncovering the symbolic animal’s transfiguration into the outerzone of infinite space. The Parrot or Toucan is thought of as a mediator between human and nature…

    Underwater Peoples is thrilled to present The Garnet Toucan in a stunning gatefold package designed by Clark himself.
    **Download coupon available with LP – good for TWO downloads!!

  • james ferraro – on air – underwater peoples

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    “Electrocuted Moon Hair, Cone Headed Space Punks in Fast Forward Neo Tokyo’s Virtual Flat Screen Pop Stars, Jetset Tabloids Zebra Print Moon Boats Splattering Ketchup Packets are just some of the themes that pour out of the Musical Imaginarium of James Ferraro’s highly anticipated, fully restored and remastered version of the 2009 limited edition CD-R classic On Air, featuring the online hit singles ‘Cinderella,’ ‘On Air,’ ‘Flashy Kamikaze’ and more! Take an electric bite out of the Space Age Glam Sound of Metal Spaz Punks combing their 30 ft Tall Green Mohawks under Saturn’s Post-American Desert Skies and find out what happened after MTV lasered their logo into the moon. Made available by Underwater Peoples Records, two LPs fully loaded with Pop Art Mania guaranteed to give all the 21st Century Digital Children a fresh breath of glam rock magic!”