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  • royallen – motivational tape – vanishing hour revival

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    We’ve come to know Royallen through his various releases on Housecraft, where he shared tape with such stars as Xiphiidae and Do-Tell. Finally, Royallen finds a cassette all to himself with his debut full-length, “Motivational Tape.” “Motivational Tape” delivers loads of fun antics and sonic romance that seriously charms the ears. Tune in to “Motivational Tape” to pump up your day, or relax into present awareness. Royallen’s style of audio collage teaches a healthy perspective on life for all beings on verge of apocalypse. He poignantly exposes the deceptions of big consumer corpos. while endearing us with transcendental options– a robust sample of approaches to “tune in” with nature and self by “dropping into” ankle-high artifacts of cultural clutter
    . As always, Royallen reminds us that perhaps the best medicine for a case of post-modern psychic ills is a good dose of laughter. Breathe deep and find that smile 🙂
    -cassettes are color labelled and housed in handmade cases with wrap-around art.