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  • three legged race – rope commercial vol. 2 – vitrine

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    Vitrine inaugurates 2015 with the second volume in the Rope Commercial series courtesy Kentucky-based artist, Robert Beatty. Since the early 2000s, Beatty has been a stalwart of the American underground. He’s expanded his palette in recent years with solo forays as Three Legged Race. Rope Commercial Vol. 2 finds Beatty venturing further beyond the pale, delivering two sides of sinkhole electronics straight out of a dusted Igloo LP or an anomalous 8” flexi of Kansai post-punk. Wordless distance is traveled in miniature. Throughout the fulgent diversity of the cassette’s twenty minutes, Beatty exemplifies the unhurried poise of a master. Sound for the end of ozone. Preparations for the empty closet. Limited to 150 copies.