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  • jason urick & cex ‎– title king – watercolor

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    “It’s great, these little releases that just get lost to the ethers without track titles, cassette only. I’m laughing that I even have this. It’s so good and I’m sorry to you if you slept on this release. I’m not super into dub music in general, but this exploration is well worth its effort in magnetic frequencies and supreme echo technology. Let it be known that at the time of writing this I am not a big fan of either Jason Urick or Cex solo projects, but when these two came together to make this, they took some good psychedelics and floated into a beautiful dub-rooted outerspace and also got caught in some magnificent hyper loops during travel, that neither of them could do on their own. You are lucky if you own this tape or if you have the opportunity to purchase this from someone here right now.”
    -discogs user redstarcf