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  • the original flowering earth – harmonic resonance – watery starve

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    Harmonic Resonance is probably the soundtrack that was playing when the earth formed. The sounds from Colorado’s Goldtimers Tapes owner Kyle Wade as the Original Flowering Earth are timeless and primordial. These tell an age-old tell of the cosmos, of Pangaea and of the Ice Age. There is an assuredness to this compelling sonic world, and it transcends the superfluous commodities and frivolousness that comes with more recent times. This is not a bikini-clad woman with orange skin. This is not NASCAR or potato chips. This is an origin tale that is buried deep in the ground, close to the core of the earth. It lies there next to some pterodactyl bones; it lies there fossilized in amber.

    Baby blue shell, chrome tape with full color label. Edition limited to 100. Pro-print j-card with attached pressed flowers.

  • miracle blues – utility listening – watery starve

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    From the label: “Lillerne Tapes boss Gabe Holcombe does indeed conjure up some must-have releases, including the aptly named Utility Listening. As Miracle Blues, Gabe’s focus under this moniker seems more hyper-aware of the minute details of nostalgia and sleep. These untitled tracks were seemingly locked into an isolation tank for years. After being sensory deprived for so long, this is the slow awakening to the senses. These sounds are patient, careful and ever lovely. Light grey shell, chrome tape with full color label. Edition limited to 100.

  • bery / aloonaluna- split (the second life/premonitions and tusks) – watery starve

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    Beru and Aloonaluna met when they were billed for the same show in San Francisco, California in March 2013. Jessica Collins (aka Beru) drove up from Los Angeles on a whim, checked into a hotel with a pool and swam. Later that night, Jessica and Lynn (Aloonaluna) met, and Lynn fell in love. It only happens so much, you know. On the A side, Beru’s music is like opening Pandora’s box. What shadows and souls are found! If there was a spectrum for every emotion, it is housed in this part of the release. On the B side, Aloonaluna’s tracks weave some strange and lethargic broken pop anthems. She explains to a young child about death, how babies are born and the death of love. They are premonitions.

  • various artists- shadow colors and maybe insects – watery starve

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    This ghostly compilation features many exclusive tracks, including one from cosmic duo Quiet Evenings, forest-siren Inez Lightfoot, and New Orleans based New Age staple Transmuteo. Throughout this 64 minutes of magnetic tape–from Former Selves’s otherworldly opener to Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier’s haunted closer–each spectral songmaker explores disjointed spaces and shadowy crevices. Time lost to an open sea. Years go by staring at a mirror.

    A1. Former Selves– Breathing Method
    A2. Inez Lightfoot– Song for Hyperion
    A3. Roamer X– Tides and Vessels
    A4. Transmuteo– Wave Disciples
    A5. Heather Lee Smith and Michael Arcos– Smog
    A6. Christopher Fleeger– Adiabatica
    A7. blacksunblackmoon– Okay
    B1. Quiet Evenings– House of Shadows
    B2. Woset– Perpetual Passage
    B3. Stargazer Trail– Shade of Blue
    B4. Aloonaluna– California Blue
    B5. Ice Jet– Albion Basin
    B6. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier– Neverending Story

    Tape art by Lynn Fister. Watercolor printed on j-card with unique collage work on each. Pro-dubbed chrome tape with red shell and silver imprinting. Limited to 100.