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  • emeralds – allegory of allergies – weird forest

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    About a month ago, as I watched Emeralds levitate a packed house at Brooklyn’s Glasslands, I couldn’t help but wax a bit misty-eyed, recalling the years we all spent orbiting the basements of the upper midwest with a cabal of like-minded fuckups. This opportunity to revisit “Allegory of Allergies” isn’t exactly helping me regain my composure, and for that, I’m profoundly grateful, insofar as time, distance, and a seriously killer record can put a pretty impressive sentimental gloss on virtually anything, from spacing out and driving two hours past the gig in a thunderstorm to blasting the Gods of Tundra c120 on a half-dead portable deck while scrambling to dodge a sketchy eviction threat. Those, apparently, were the days.

    In its formal aspect, “Allegory” shares much with the recent and justly lauded “What Happened,” though in nearly every other sense, they’re night and day. Where the extended vignettes of “What Happened” share a certain crystalline expansiveness and astral sheen, “Allegory” offers a crumbling labyrinth that’s at once humid and frigid, crammed to the gills with moss, lichen, cobwebs, brick dust, rotting boards, peeling paint, and narrow shafts of light. It’s a blurry and bleary vision, in which John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire improvise on synths, guitar, voice, and tapes like three cats batting at an enormous calder mobile, a sound thoroughly native to the moldering interiors and indigenous dystopian/psychedelic culture of the American Rust Belt.

    Those approaching this work for the first time will have much around which to warp/wrap their heads. Emeralds are possessed of a slow-burning, Cluster-like sense of patience, an accompanying willingness to assume the appearance of burbling sideways in low gear while stealthily turning the universe on its edge, a rare mastery of perspective and scale, and an ability to make audible the slipperiness of the slope between harmony and timbre. Just as crucially, they manage to be ambitious and sprawling without compromising their aura of raw immediacy and handmadeness. It is precisely this sort of fried grace that secures Emeralds’ place in the history of vernacular experimental music and situates “Allegory of Allergies” squarely in its hallowed canon of epic double LPs. – Chris Madak

    Cover art by Mike Connelly. Inner photography by Shannon Neale.

  • monterey babe aquarium – s/t – weird forest

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    Tape UC Davis, site of the pepper-sprayed Occupy protests, is also home to KDVS, the free-form radio station which has been a breeding ground for the region’s freak music scene for decades, spawning the likes of DJ Rick, Scott Soriano (S-S Records) and Weird Forest founder, Chad Stockdale. The station, along with the UCD technicultural studies program helmed by Bob Olstertag, has recently fostered a small but vibrant music scene.

    Monterey Babe Aquarium peddles hypnotic hypnagogic pop, with catchy melodies repeated over equally tasty rhythms. While the trio boasts stellar musicians (two of them also play in a technical metal band), MBA keeps it simple, taking listeners deep into the zone-out realm

  • inca ore – brute nature vs. wild magic- weird forest

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    Inca Ore is the solo voice of Eva, the singer of such fine bands as Alarmist and Malibu Falcon. Inca Ore travels the cosmos on firey phoenix mattresses with the voice of a goose-quilled cloud pillow siren calling to all the constellations in the universe. Eva uses her vocal range and delay complement to create the sounds of entire sorceress covens through her lone voice. Lovely psychedelic drone mixed with narcoleptic folk. An enchantress of the highest order! Side A was previously issued as a CD-R in a small pressing of 100 copies on the Collective Jyrk label. The b-side is a brand new track consisting of one astounding, 18-minute interstellar vocal trance-out!

  • terrors – lagan qord- weird forest

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    Perhaps the true test of an artist is taking common elements and fashioning a unique sound all their own. Elijah Forrest, as Terrors, is one artist who passes the test. A bi-coastal vagabond dropping tapes from southern California to Baltimore, Forrest has traveled many miles, seen a lot and judging from his music, not all of these experiences have been pleasant.
    Terrors is relatively unprolific by underground tape culture standards, putting out a handful of well-received cassettes over the last few years. Each release is filled with simple songs built around his voice, guitar and at times, a healthy wallop of tape hiss ambiance and feedback. With these simple ingredients, Forrest injects a sense of weariness and sadness into his songs — even the instrumentals which loop, layer and wrap back around themselves seem imbued with a touch of grey. The chords, melodies and progressions may sound familiar but in Forrest’s hands, a freshness and timelessness breathes within these songs.
    Weird Forest is excited to present Lagan Qord, a compilation of Terrors tracks culled from the last few years. Wonderfully remastered by Sean McCann, these songs have never sounded better.
    Remastered by Sean McCann. Artwork & layout by Elijah Forrest.Vinyl edtion of 300 copies comes with insert.

  • sam goldberg – current – weird forest

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    Sam Goldberg is a Cleveland, Ohio multi-instrumentalist/ composer who has been running in the garage rock/electronic underground circles for the last half of the ’00s. He also curates and operates the Pizza Night cassette label, one of the most beloved underground cassette headquarters of the midwest as of late. Unique, timeless, and clever constructions of sound created with many instruments like synthesizers, rhythm boxes, and electric guitars provide a wide scope of varied colored tones from release to release. This debut record, Current, is an early document of Sam’s solo guitar work. Side A consists of a hazy and humid melodic stasis that may be known from the Emeralds/Sam Goldberg 2007 tour cassette. An untitled piece that evokes a sense of longing and discontent while simultaneously hitting the deep and raw channels of the subconscious past that bring an understanding to the spaces between experience and memory. A gorgeous wash of clouded, ringing guitar not unlike Glenn Branca’s “Symphony No. 2.” On the flip side another phantom composition played only a few times live and recorded over a year ago in a similar weightless, sky guitar fashion rounds out the double side long debut. “Carol” is a great example of massive tone landscapes that can be born with minimal processing and careful compositional dynamic.

  • yellow swans & mouthus – conan island – weird forest

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    An inevitable match made in Hades. Four titans workin’ it out in the primordial mulch and all the gods are cowering in their presence. The dual intertwining guitar-attack impacts and fragments into the dense concrete percussion forest surrounded by a shroud of pulsing caterwauling skree. A harum-scarum locomotive ride of thick, bombastic & heavy proportions..just like you want it to be. Play loud for optimum effect! Cover art by Brian Sullivan.

  • yellow swans – at all ends – weird forest

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    At All Ends is the third major record in the Yellow Swans vast body of work. This record is an assured record of chiming drone and heady pelvic sky fuckery. New sounds emerge from the Yellow Swans camp that are more hushed, and whisper with the logic of deep space. Whereas the last record was a laser beam guided minimal transmission with dark overtones, this new release injects sonic clouds full of pink oxycontin. Guitar lines sketch out a melodic vision that stupifies with hypnotic repetition with layer upon layer of rich and dense guitar chug build into multi-orgasm songscapes that leave the loins sore and the mind spent. An exhausting journey into pleasure and single-mindedness. Elements of lush drone stretch the proceedings in vast strokes. Yellow Swans veer towards krautrock territory with this new record, and it will go down in the big books as their most beautiful and vibrant record thus far.