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  • fiesta grande – why so serious

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    “recordings from winter 2009-2010; 5 minutes of outer space shitcore carefully selected from two afternoon jams at the lil panini crib. FIËSTA GRANDE is Carlo Steegen (Audiobot, frozen corpse, sweet team…) and Swift Treweeke (passenger of shit, sweet team…) on vocals, Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale…) on drums and Hans Dens (innercity) on guitar.” limited to 25 copies

  • x-tours / brian kerkhof – split – why so serious

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    Stefan Kushima (Cruise Family, Easy Rider…) teams up with Artem Bezu (glowing fingers, heart museum…) jamming hard in lo-fi drone dreamlands on their guided X-TOURS. On the B side the duo of Eva Tourné and Hans Dens (innercity…) channel from their dead brains in the year 2123, using melting synths as medium for cryptic nonsense.” limited to 40 copies

  • monotonous worlds 2 – the creation of the infinite space knight – why so serious

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    Second release under this moniker by hans dens(innercity)
    “Second volume in the ongoing aural explorer series where stones are turned and doors are sealed with concrete. A strong tool to transcend negative planes and absorb sinister flames. Tormented transmissions based on our mortal existence. Now overcome the pestilence and hold a knife to your throat for what seems like half an hour. False codes and portals to forgotten paths. Time to awake yourself from your zombie-like lifestyle, inject turbulent rotten dna and erwache. The key of joy is disobedience, so sit back and kill that six-pack with your inner demons.”