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  • kunlun – K III – winged sun

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    Kunlun, episode III. Time to go modular. Time to visit multiverse. Time to smoke bosons. Going further in the original idea : soulful techno, dreamlike acid. This one is the best of the series. And more is coming. Kunlun might go vinyl in 2012.

  • kunlun – II – winged sun

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    We told the story about Kunlun when the first tape came out. This is the second record of this project and the obsession stays the same…Looking for artificial paradise. What a better way than minimal acid droney techno to digitalize your mind? This one is a step further in the unknown, you’ll clim the laser stairs and get closer and closer to the point B. Just like Bowman.
    -winged sun

  • voodoo mount sister – soul sista – winged sun

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    Voodoo Mount Sister (VMS) makes it on tape for the first time. Following 2010 debut cdr on Winged Sun and first vinyl appearance on Hands in the dark records “Soul Sista” is VMS weird attempt to bring soul music in noise / drone improvisations. Recorded in one session in July 2011 that went in many different directions, from dark kraut to noisy dub to psych dance.
    The girl is on synths and vocals, the guy is on beats & bass.

  • iibiis rooge – life In a bloodcell – winged sun

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    Iibiis Rooge (High Wolf + Astral Social Club) has been on and off for the past two years. A new lp has been recorded last year and will be released soon on Weird Forest. This tape is a good transition between old Iibiis style and the new direction. It’s slowly going from a Iibiis first period jam opening the tape to a brand new what-to-expect-kind- of-in-your-face style closing title. Blame Neil Campbell.