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  • stinging nettle – bull in a yellow tree – y.a.l.

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    stinging nettle////bull in a yellow tree///Y.A.L. #0335
    well, there is a bull in a yellow tree. just so its horns can pick up
    a FRE QUEN CY. each limb is each song see and the bull climbs the tree
    whenever he can’t stop himself. the tree is terrifying, though only
    when he ain’t in it. now he is up there drawing with his eyes shut!

  • tabernacle – grown down – y.a.l.

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    tabernacle////grown down///Y.A.L. #0334
    a cadillac chasin some THIEF named johnny down the road cus he just
    ran off w/ everything i own. who cares??? it’s part of blue yodel #
    1,224,967 the one that sounds like you are inside a washing machine
    sent back fr the future to kill jimmie rodgers. but ok that’s not all.
    i’m lookin out the back door and see fisher playing drums like she is
    boxing a kangaroo or something. we are all in the cadillac now, gettin
    outta here, drinking the sweet berry wine glug glug, eatin up the sand
    food og og og.
    thom staton-drums on first track, electronics on long track
    casey-bass on first track
    kate fisher-drums on last couple tracks
    taylor hada & j.s. hogan-everything else