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  • cameron stallones & nicholas malkin present music from harvester,” compositions for farfisa VIP345 & guitar – sun ark

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    Not since the regal, wobbling transmissions from the SOHNI CHAMBERS have these two been present on tape together. The occasion: creating a score for visual artist Abbe Findley’s film “HARVESTER,” a compendium of footage of harvesting machines from around the world. In a special, softly-carpeted chamber procured just far enough off a dirt road in Joshua Tree, CA, the two cloistered themselves for several days of organ and guitar explorations fueled only by hot-plate burritos and date shakes. On this double cassette, dear listener, find the monumental results: bleary but startling, dynamic compositions that wander in all directions through a fading golden light, consistently subverting the sonic limitations of the simple instrumentation. Ranging from sublimely pastoral horizontals to increasingly unnerving non-Euclideans, there’s something here for the whole family. Truly a “large-scale work,” recorded on cassette, and presented on 2 gold cassettes.

  • a.c. band / sadistic candle – st/st – sun ark records

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    A double album almost three years in the making, Barrett Avner (Black Bananas, Sic Alps, Sun Araw Band) returns to solo recorded work with a double-double. In the classic “two-sides of” conceit, Cassette 1 offers Mr. Avner piloting A.C. Band through a series of sensitive rock tunes with chicken shack guitar squawks worthy of the best Hagerty compositions, acoustic jangles worthy of F.J. Mcmahon, and harmonized solos worthy of Thin Lizzy. The sound of a chili-dog exercising Emersonian self-reliance. But then! Cassette 2 presents the return of SADISTIC CANDLE, now with bombastic double-down reverbed Schoolly D 808s and boogie synths building scaffolds for face-melting Maggot Brain solos. The sound of a giant, cartoon basketball sneaker on the loose. Together this double-album functions as a tribute to Barrett’s grandfather Chuck Avner, who founded and ran the Ohio men’s fashion boutique Man Talk Intl., which served Cleveland’s swinging, funk/boogie scene. Both albums are presented in collaboration with the spirit of Man Talk Intl., and with its blessing. Truly, a mix of music this explosive and strange could only come from one man, and that man is my genius friend Barrett Avner. Presented on 2 mustard yellow cassettes.

  • schiermann – 012315 + R110714 – neologist productions

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    Live Guitar Improvisations.
    012315 performed and recorded at Transistor, Chicago, IL.
    R110714 performed and recorded at Chicago, IL.

  • digital natives / seziki tetrasheaf – split – rotifer

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    The palmetto boys broke the heat and have landed on the west coast. To inaugurate these festivities, we present Plaid Lake’s finest to date, with 85 suasive minutes featuring such jams as ‘Mouther of the Incas’ and ‘Clops’ (see below). This marks the start of a new era. Full color covers & numbered inserts with accommodating track titles. Professionally duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes. Imprinting artwork by Juli Toro.

  • kurma / jeff brown / cool person / jade poppyfield – worlds of tomorrow – mmm sound

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    A two cassette, four way split. The answered ad in the back of a science fiction novella asking writers to submit their own work. Heavy on themes, and story arch placement.
    Featured sounds : North Carolina’s Kurma
    Georgia’s Jade Poppyfield
    Florida’s Cool Person
    Washington’s Jeff Brown

    Edition of 50. 2x Chrome Type II. Home Assembled.

  • hakobune / oliwa / former selves / panabrite – oceanic triangulation – inner islands

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    c22 + c37 cassette

    “Reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”

    Music by Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite.
    Photography by Marlene Parra.
    Artwork and layout by Sean Conrad.
    released 25 August 2014

  • professional flowers – protex biome & genome shuflr – patient sounds

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    two seperate releases but packaged these together-tomentosa

    Plug the greenhouse into an amplifier, roll the cassette tape, and increase volume until blooming cycle is complete. Decrease volume. Edit flora hustling: edit fauna. Matthew Sage creates a swirling, bioelectric atmosphere for proliferation of plant life. Swirling synths, guitar wash, field recordings and bubbly sounds comingle. Physicality as a constraint on beauty: or amplifier of such. Fleeting flowers forever.

    EDT of 25 each

    pink c34 / color jcard and labels / uniquely scented seed card
    (seed card will grow wild flowers when planted in earth & watered)

  • burlin mud – gored gourd – human conduct records

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    vanity field recordings of mythologists Frau Butterface, Tron Javolta, & Wiggpaw (all three members of the Kuu club, Skarekrau Radio) – sap from two mutated rooms (zip code unknown) of endless life- dress and unfold the drift of foggy sound before the vanishing act – Mud Dynamics is Transformative Sound. pregnant illusions are invited to expand. no rush. no eleventh hour. inner access point of creation is a lightbulb, or a string of seasonal lights. diminish and augment. swollen sources of esoteric origins.
    31 minute cassette times 2
    Chrome bias. real time dub.
    8 page art booklet in white vinyl album.
    limited to 34 copies.

  • blue sabbath black fiji – splash / make your body shine shine – tanzprocesz

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    Double tape. Splash + MYBSS.
    Splash (2008) was previously release and is now back with new artwork.
    MYBSS was recorded in 2009/2010.
    Guns vs Drum machines.
    Guitars vs Love.
    Tape 1 vs Tape 2.
    Peace vs War.
    The girl vs The boy.
    Pro-duplicated tapes
    Art by Jonas