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  • do tell – sewn to the current – housecraft records

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    HR 62
    Limited to 50 copies. 2 tapes housed in a clear amaray case with full-color, double-sided insert. No text on the tapes or insert.
    C42, C47
    USED copy.
    Tapes are fine and artwork looks good. Artwork has bonded with polycover in places. Picture is of actual set for sale.

  • forest management – acclimation – amethyst sunset

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    Recorded and mixed March – April 2016 at home, the library, and Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Chicago, IL
    Photo by John Daniel<BR>

    Over the years John Daniel‘s efforts have naturally evolved into something great. The Cleveland-bred, Chicago-based producer works at a steady pace, releasing minimal drifts of ambient music and curating the promising Sequel imprint — which has already issued majestic works by Celer, Chemtrails, and Dominic Coppola, among others. But Forest Management remains Daniel’s flagship effort, and now thanks either to chance or fate, the project teams up with the hallowed Amethyst Sunset imprint.

    Acclimation might be Daniel’s masterwork. Its eight pieces sprawl across the edition’s two cassettes in an aural display that highlights the project’s wistful grace and uncanny sense of patience. Tones and textures dissolve into glacially blooming sonic motifs. The overall effect furthers the meditative, nocturnal beauty of past editions like Reservation and Opening Night (with Dominic Coppola).

    “Entranceways and Pathways” opens the set with weightless, floating tones, making way for the effervescent drift of “Blue Line.” “Illuminate” and “Drinks at the Association” take a turn for more darker realms while retaining the hopeful, silver lining-like warmth amidst the dark and foggy drones. “Glance” and “Belief Trends” channel Gas at his most noxious, while “Structure and Sentiment” could be a long lost Stars of the Lid demo. It’s best to pick this up now and get lost for a while. – Decoder<BR>


  • tuluum shimmering – raag wichikapache / lake of mapang – space slave

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    A weave of watery loops conjured by aerial roots and canopy dwellers
    Type II 45 and 15 minute cassette
    Space Slave 15
    Hand painted, Ed 100

  • imaginary softwoods – annual flowers in color – spectrolite

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    “Annual Flowers In Color” is a collection of demos and unreleased works from 2011 to 2015. While activity in the Softwoods has been ongoing in the past few years, no real definitive album has surfaced since 2011’s “The Path Of Spectrolite”. “Annual Flowers In Color” serves as a compilation of sorts; a scrapbook documenting some of the fruitful experiments happening in private over the years. Various styles including tape collage, spoken word, concrete structure and classic Softwoods ambience put this collection as close to a definitive album as could be despite the varying eccentric trajectories.

    Limited edition double cassette featuring additional material available at Spectrolite.net.

    Recorded 2011-2015 in Cleveland – Ohio, Tokyo – Japan, and Albuquerque – New Mexico.

    Mixed and mastered for cassette and digital by Blue O’Randa at the Gold Manor – Albuquerque, New Mexico, The Fowles Roadhouse, W. 95th Trap & Bird Town – Cleveland, Ohio.

  • everyday loneliness ‎– appropriation – callow god

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    Edition of 100 copies. Packaged in a brick-style double cassette case.
    A four part suite recorded 2007-08, Central and Southern CA.
    Tape manipulation only, no effects. Recommended late and secluded.

  • digital natives / journey of mind // xiphiidae / venn rain – 4-way split – sunk series

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    Four projects, two artists. Digital Natives and Journey of Mind slice and splice their way back to the source, looping the Mobius. Xiphiidae and Venn Rain plough foggy furrows with elliptical percussion and hazed laments.
    Edition of 50 pro-dubbed, imprinted double-tape sets. Art by Jen.

  • cameron stallones & nicholas malkin present music from harvester,” compositions for farfisa VIP345 & guitar – sun ark

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    Not since the regal, wobbling transmissions from the SOHNI CHAMBERS have these two been present on tape together. The occasion: creating a score for visual artist Abbe Findley’s film “HARVESTER,” a compendium of footage of harvesting machines from around the world. In a special, softly-carpeted chamber procured just far enough off a dirt road in Joshua Tree, CA, the two cloistered themselves for several days of organ and guitar explorations fueled only by hot-plate burritos and date shakes. On this double cassette, dear listener, find the monumental results: bleary but startling, dynamic compositions that wander in all directions through a fading golden light, consistently subverting the sonic limitations of the simple instrumentation. Ranging from sublimely pastoral horizontals to increasingly unnerving non-Euclideans, there’s something here for the whole family. Truly a “large-scale work,” recorded on cassette, and presented on 2 gold cassettes.

  • a.c. band / sadistic candle – st/st – sun ark records

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    A double album almost three years in the making, Barrett Avner (Black Bananas, Sic Alps, Sun Araw Band) returns to solo recorded work with a double-double. In the classic “two-sides of” conceit, Cassette 1 offers Mr. Avner piloting A.C. Band through a series of sensitive rock tunes with chicken shack guitar squawks worthy of the best Hagerty compositions, acoustic jangles worthy of F.J. Mcmahon, and harmonized solos worthy of Thin Lizzy. The sound of a chili-dog exercising Emersonian self-reliance. But then! Cassette 2 presents the return of SADISTIC CANDLE, now with bombastic double-down reverbed Schoolly D 808s and boogie synths building scaffolds for face-melting Maggot Brain solos. The sound of a giant, cartoon basketball sneaker on the loose. Together this double-album functions as a tribute to Barrett’s grandfather Chuck Avner, who founded and ran the Ohio men’s fashion boutique Man Talk Intl., which served Cleveland’s swinging, funk/boogie scene. Both albums are presented in collaboration with the spirit of Man Talk Intl., and with its blessing. Truly, a mix of music this explosive and strange could only come from one man, and that man is my genius friend Barrett Avner. Presented on 2 mustard yellow cassettes.

  • schiermann – 012315 + R110714 – neologist productions

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    Live Guitar Improvisations.
    012315 performed and recorded at Transistor, Chicago, IL.
    R110714 performed and recorded at Chicago, IL.