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  • hakobune / oliwa / former selves / panabrite – oceanic triangulation – inner islands

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    c22 + c37 cassette

    “Reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”

    Music by Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite.
    Photography by Marlene Parra.
    Artwork and layout by Sean Conrad.
    released 25 August 2014

  • hands rendered useless ‎– deathbed visions – city mortuary

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    Housed in an oversize white vinyl clamshell case with a glossy single-sided insert.

    “Composed, Recorded, Reworked, Decomposed from the Fall of 2005 through the Spring of 2009.”
    Performer [Hands Rendered Useless Is] – Ryan Woodhall

  • cliffsides – headspace – tranquility tapes

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    Your eyes do not deceive you. This is two full hours of brand new Cliffsides material. After relocating to the Bay Area in 2013, Ryan McGill plunged head first into his solo endeavor and what he came up with is the massive and sprawling achievement that is Headspace. Divided into two distinct sets, “The Fool” features brand new synth work and “The Universe” is made up of material created through sampling various found cassettes and field recordings – a style that began to take shape on last year’s Spirit in the Mountain Temple cassette on Hooker Vision. Thematically, the release contrasts the notions of conscious and unconscious thought, logic and dreams, reason and desire, as well as the symbiotic and mutually destructive interactions between man and universe. Sonically, it’s everything you want from new Cliffsides and then some. Stunning melodic sequences and progressions segue into ultra-deep drones and abstract passages, while angelic voices and strangely familiar orchestrations rise up from magnetic spools. Altogether, this is a thoroughly fascinating and epic double dose you’ll want to take again and again. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • professional flowers – protex biome & genome shuflr – patient sounds

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    two seperate releases but packaged these together-tomentosa

    Plug the greenhouse into an amplifier, roll the cassette tape, and increase volume until blooming cycle is complete. Decrease volume. Edit flora hustling: edit fauna. Matthew Sage creates a swirling, bioelectric atmosphere for proliferation of plant life. Swirling synths, guitar wash, field recordings and bubbly sounds comingle. Physicality as a constraint on beauty: or amplifier of such. Fleeting flowers forever.

    EDT of 25 each

    pink c34 / color jcard and labels / uniquely scented seed card
    (seed card will grow wild flowers when planted in earth & watered)

  • water lily jaguar – voyage of hope / voyage of discovery – soundholes

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    “A set of deep (sea) explorations. Each starts with a simple direction, dissolving into warm tones and shimmering sounds. The calming lap/bubble of the ocean is never far away…”

    Edition of 52
    Released 2011

  • burlin mud – gored gourd – human conduct records

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    vanity field recordings of mythologists Frau Butterface, Tron Javolta, & Wiggpaw (all three members of the Kuu club, Skarekrau Radio) – sap from two mutated rooms (zip code unknown) of endless life- dress and unfold the drift of foggy sound before the vanishing act – Mud Dynamics is Transformative Sound. pregnant illusions are invited to expand. no rush. no eleventh hour. inner access point of creation is a lightbulb, or a string of seasonal lights. diminish and augment. swollen sources of esoteric origins.
    31 minute cassette times 2
    Chrome bias. real time dub.
    8 page art booklet in white vinyl album.
    limited to 34 copies.

  • watersports – natural history – dog daze tapes

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    Watersports is the long running new age duo of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse, who also play together in the band Blues Control. “Natural History” collects tracks from their out of print releases on Not Not Fun, Arbor, White Tapes, Breaking World Records, Hank Recordings, and Ore Records plus a live performance on WFMU. You can think of this as their greatest hits album.
    Featuring double j card art of Lea and Russ playing for a bunch of dogs and ladies practicing yoga.
    Pro dubbed and imprinted chrome tapes with mp3 dogload code.

  • adrian orange – deep stain doublest dubba dope duba stank dank – gnar tapes

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    To begin an explanation of this tape and its release we need to go back in time five or six years ago, when bands like Thanksgiving and The Watery Graves, whose members founded Portland’s own Marriage Records, were playing and touring at an almost constant rate. Marriage was putting out bands like Lucky Dragons, Dirty Projectors, YACHT and White Rainbow (among many others) and to many it seemed that label mainstay and co-founder Adrian Orange (aka Thanksgiving) (who played sometimes- stark-sometimes-candlelight-warm folk songs on guitar or with full band (or with anyone who’d want to jam for that matter)) was poised to be some kind of boyish weirdo outsider phenomenon. After almost a dozen releases under Marriage he released an LP of acid-tinged dub-jam nomad blues on K Records called “Adrian Orange and Her Band”. It was shortly after its widespread release that the young Adrian Orange suffered a near complete mental collapse, triggered by all manners of fatigue following a largely innebriated tour of the US and Europe. His music at that time was becoming decidedly more tripped out and he released a limited run CDR on Marriage called “AJO” that had a heavy psych-blues/ jazz thing happening. This was followed by a near endless stream of tribal smoke-den boom-boom beats, at first with singing and lyrics similar to his work with friend Honey Owens (Valet, Miracles Club) with whom he had recently sang with on Valet’s record “Naked Acid” a few months prior. This was followed by nonsensical freestyles with hyphy style beats and a time where very few were aware of Adrian’s activities or whereabouts. Then over the course of this last year, after a long road of ups and downs, almost overnight returned to his friends and was able to focus on music again. At the time of this release he is in New York after a tour of the US until Halloween, when he will fly over to England and Europe. This two tape set compiles the nearly three and a half hours of music he made in his “exile era”. For new and old fans alike, this is his first official release in amost two years. Two pro-dub/pro-print cassettes with collectable catalog card and download.