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  • the pink chunk jazz band – live @ the abstracted bar, fall sessions

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    Klang und Woodwind slow moving abstract inzanity in Pink Chunk bucket tin style. Color covers in wrap around sleeve edition of 40, numbered. 2xc90

  • seziki tetrasheaf – furnishings of former lives – rotifer

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    Premier release from sabal mystics, Seziki Tetrasheaf. Thickset spiritual fetishes fully engulf the atmosphere we once knew. Comes with fold out studio photos of the band in action.

  • je suis le petit chevalier / elevator boy / denmother / bears on parade – brief obsessions – i had an accident

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    Brief Obsessions offers four artists producing 15 minutes of musical sound on a double c32 cassette. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier is from Belgium and has produced many albums across multiple formats and labels. In the dark and tropical forest you will hunt for mistakes, sleep, blood, hair, silver, breath, sun, and meat – with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier you will find buried deep within the expressions of a tortured soul. Elevator Boy is from Toronto Canada. Elevator Boy produces ambient drone, guitar manipulation, long walks and red eyed boredom. Simplicity within madness. DenMother also hails from Canada – the sweet little girl that was once referred to as ORPHAN has grown into a new gown. Layered oiled drones dark and inhibited with haunting drum beats and chanting vocals. Bears on Parade calls Utah home. A distant place known for desolation and cold winters. Minimalistic glitter fight with your favorite people – Bears on Parade finds you buried in the cold.

  • laurent chambert / the fractal skulls – c20 + c25 – blue tapes

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    Laurent Chambert is a French visual artist and composer who has been creating beautiful and unusual art since 1990. His installations are playful, thought-provoking and visually-arresting. As a musician he has been involved in several acclaimed projects, the most recent of which is the electronic duo The Other Colors.

    Laurent’s submission to Blue Tapes is When The Cat Is Away The Mice Will Play. In his solo work, Laurent combines field recordings with flickering patterns of electronic sound that are both grid-like and strangely euphoric. Like the brilliant Italian producer Lorenzo Senni/Stargate, some of his work almost feels like a stripped-down-to-the-bare-atoms reading of techno. At other times it feels pastoral and immersive. Always, Laurent’s music is intrinsically ‘plugged-in’ to his environment, whether it’s the bustling cityscapes of Paris described by When The Cat… or the wells of ambient silence in his improvisations recorded in the French countryside.

    We’ve parcelled Chambert with a similar electronic sound artist, Chris Smith of High Wycombe, England. A studio engineer by day, Chris makes delicious minimal synth-structures under the name The Fractal Skulls. Influenced by the god-twins of John Cage+Steve Reich andCluster+Harmonia, the music of The Fractal Skulls is unashamedly pretty, full of clockwork analogue pulses and holy repetition.

    Each purchase of blue four comes with a (blue) envelope containing a few sticks of nag champa, the psychoactive incense manufactured in Hindu and Buddhist monasteries that is used to enhance the meditative state.

  • slaw – s/t – headway recordings

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    Its finally here. The sticky green sludgy doom you’ve all been waiting for. This double cassette release comes with packaging as epic as the music. This one is going faster than anything else we’ve released so far, and we will not re-issue the album in this format. Don’t miss out.

    Album comes with a digital download code.

  • ajilvsga – massacre canyon – avant archive

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    If you’ve been hanging around the tiny experimental voids that have been surfacing in North America over the past five-or-so years, there is some chance that you’ve brushed up against the rolling thunderhead called Ajilvsga. The duo’s body of work is massive, and so even though it’s only a glimpse, Massacre Canyon is nonetheless a necessary document in the evolution of this musical icon. This soaring double-cassette collects tracks from Ajilvsga’s past—some pieces more ephemeral than others, but everything worthy of a second (or tenth) glance. What these selections have in common is only a certain ability to succinctly (as much as one can, given the nature of the music, both in density and in length) define this Oklahoman tag-team’s oeuvre: an animal darkness, tainted with imagery both accusatory and mournful. Through their own multitude of sonic approaches, may you find Ajilvsga’s essence living in the spaces of Massacre Canyon. Alas, it’s not the end: Side D contains 40 minutes of new music. Onward!

  • sean mccann – mammoth mountain – avant archive

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    Sean McCann literally needs no introduction. If you’re reading this promotional paragraph, you already know who Sean is and there is a good chance you’re already convinced of his musical capacity. Sean’s specialty seems to be this airy and sweet ‘atmosphere’, something that sounds simultaneously like a slow-motion stringed dirge and an accompaniment to your morning’s reflection over a pot of steaming coffee. With Mammoth Mountain, Sean is in a unique form. These songs are short and rambling, and they present McCann in a kind of sparse orchestration. There is very little ‘constant’ drone that frequently appears on his records. Mammoth Mountain is space-specific, recorded during a series of family outings over two years, and the compositions on these two volumes are apropos of the space. The sparseness with which the songs are written and played (or improvised) allows the mountain air to permeate the tape. The overall effect is just what one might expect from Sean McCann: a tender set that almost insists on the transportation to or envisioning of Mammoth Mountain and its surrounding beauties. This album is sometimes fun, sometimes discordant, and sometimes entirely disarming, much like the wild spaces from whence it was derived. Sip a cool stream and join Sean for a stringed jaunt up the mountain.

  • unknown artist – untitled – young tapes

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    peter friel always seems to want to remain an enigma. When he rolled thru town last year with Earn and Mirror to Mirror it was half the night before i realized he was peter of young tapes not just some random dude named peter.
    So ive always assumed this is another of peter’s releases, near the tail end of when he was still recording.

    ambient thrumming and drone, a bit darker than other young tapes release. From somewheres a bit further out in the darkness of space; slight movements understating a long journey out and beyond.

    Young tapes was one of my more favorite tape labels of the last decade so it’s always awesome to find extra used copies of young tapes titles so i can offer em up again.
    young tapes #9

  • dino & nic – plays the theme from dino & nic

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    Brett Naucke of Face Worker/Catholic Tapes and Chris Bush of Caboladies/Flower Man