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  • tuluum shimmering – people & music series volume 1

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    The box contains:
    1 short CD of 1955 field recordings from highland Vietnam (+ 50min field recording loop, not on Bandcamp)
    2 full length CDs of Tuluum Shimmering music, each track incorporating an element from the field recordings.

    Tuluum Shimmering Records TSR010

    Many thanks, Tuluum Shimmering

    P.S. The Vietnamese field recordings are available to download free of charge separately from the Tuluum Shimmering tracks

  • various ‎– hand rolled oblivion – music your mind will love you

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    Gathered over years 2006-2008. 4 hours of music. 3 jam packed CDrs containing 53 tracks gathered together over the years featuring tracks from mymwly regulars, friends and collaborators from all over this fucked up planet working/walking in the fields of noise, neofolk, psych and experimental music… “This is an epic compilation that will surely create a history and a legend that will reverberate through the long corridors of time from now into forever.” Or not. Packaged in hand assembled, 5 piece card thing.

    tracks here ->https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hand-Rolled-Oblivion/release/4392879

  • various – i’d drink deck wash – american tapes

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    Edition of 50 copies

    1-1 –Dead Machines Untitled 14:07
    1-2 –Spykes Untitled 4:00
    1-3 –New Device Untitled 10:30
    1-4 –Scorpion Lollipop Untitled 17:43
    1-5 –Anti Intelligence* Untitled 5:43
    2-1 –SS Helltrain Untitled 5:52
    2-2 –The Finals (3) Untitled 3:25
    2-3 –Steel Forest Untitled 10:02
    2-4 –SS Helltrain Untitled 3:33
    2-5 –Tovah D-Day Untitled 4:30
    3-1 –Miles Of Birth Untitled 8:33
    3-2 –Basket Case Untitled 13:56
    3-3 –Speacil Speacker Untitled 4:11
    3-4 –The Finals (3) Untitled 5:06
    3-5 –Stare Case Untitled 3:52
    3-6 –Coors* / Yeh* Untitled 7:06
    3-7 –Speacil Speacker Untitled

  • aaron dilloway – radio nepal vol 1, 2 & 3 – hanson records

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    3 cdr released separately, packaged together in this used lot.

  • lazy magnet – 2nd box set (04-09) – self released

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    hand bound, 3 cdr set

    “this box set is well worth the financial sacrifice to any previous lazy magnet patrons. Three discs, get lost in a maize with no dead ends. This proves it possible to feel surprised by the fact that you’re still surprised. If you’re mind was bent by the Corleone LP, prepare for the eighth face of the hypercube. This set smashes previous releases and investigates each shard as its own form, refracting light in new directions. At times, it rides like a Demented DJ mixtape messterpiece, at times an anthology, and at other times… a saga.

    Austere and minimal book-like binding houses a 28-page (no joke) booklet of stream of consciousness rants detailing the last 4 years of frantic antics, unknown pleasure principles, mind-crushing failures, and revolving door lineup changes. Written in some weird brain language, worth keeping by the toilet for entertaining reading, constipation breaking humor, and/or emergency wiping. Read up, steal his ideas… he’s in France now anyway. ”
    adam morosky

    “lazy magnet box set 2 is EPIC. should be cast in actual gold and shot into space, also buried at intervals around the earth.”
    jake barendes

    “LAZY MAGNET, aka Jeremy Harris, American born in Sèvres same (!!!), is a veritable musical chameleon eating. Nobody can predict what will come out in record or play in concert: the noise of the dance, folk, pop, music room, the hard core, drone, the cold wave of doom , the electro-acoustic, metal, punk, the trash, etc.. In his first real album “He Sought For That Magic By Which All The Glory And Mystic Chivalry Were Made To Shine – or – Is Music Even Good?” he mixes all those genres even. LAZY MAGNET deserves that invented a genre name, like SGF (without fixed type) … In a world more just and perfect LAZY MAGNET and his comrades as unsung Providence Work / Death, Noise Nomads or Geoff Mullen, play alongside their fellow Lightning Bolt in parks for outdoor concerts free to an audience of excited fans who know by heart their work.”
    brian baxter

    limited to 100 copies