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  • mammal – no hope – chondritic sound

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    Recorded early 2005 at Nightmare Alley, Detroit, MI.
    ‘In The Mood’ originally recorded by Bloodyminded.

  • jerusalem and the starbaskets – room 8 / swingin vine – destijl records

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    Having toured tirelessly and stupidly for many years, I played the unlikely hot spot of Columbia, Missouri no less than three times one summer. Don’t ask me how—logistically the cursed itinerary is still a mystery—but I can probably tell you why. The chance to play a gig with that city’s Jerusalem and the Starbaskets always made it a worthwhile and necessary stop. Basically a duo (although sometimes augmented by other members), Jerusalem and the Starbaskets play unfashionable, unpretentious and completely devastating pop music, and they’re one of my all time favorite live bands. Criminally under-recorded up until now (with only a handful of impossibly rare cassettes and a split LP with Skarkraou Radio to their name), their brand new The Howling LP (Radio Fonico) is a great sampling of their unique vibe, sounding like the third Velvets LP played by The Terminals. Note the righteous guitar tone any stoner rock Chud would envy, and catchy, infectious tunes (with a recent emphasis on country melodies) that will stay in your head for weeks. Completely necessary and great. Album of the month! 
    ~ James Jackson Toth 
    Your Flesh

  • wet hair – radiant lines – nnf

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    Amazing new pair of singles by this ever-evolving Iowa City kraut-pop duo-turned-trio comes in a stunning full-color 22-page pro-printed art book of brand new works by Wet Hair main-men, Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes. Limited to 500 copies.

  • thames – the gift of money b/w the night she became me – american tapes

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    Oh funky boy. I love my weirdo friends. Esp when they record SCRAMBLED non music to the soundtrack of they weirdo lives. Remember when you used to get a record, play it, stare at it for an hour, put it black on, repeat, and be blank brained cause it JUST DONT MAKE NO SENSE. Well, you inzaniacs, here’s another one. I mean Blake Hargreaves & Alex Moskos are some pretty strange dudes. I heard Alex got caught using actual live cats as stencils for graffiti in the catacomb walls of Montreal and Blake PRETENDED to work for the Canadian Senate for years to get access to a secret room in the capital of Ottawa that is used only to make a vile stew of illegal insect repellents & found river garage that they gave to the Canada postal workers to keep them from striking. As the story goes, in the darkest hours of the winter of 2009, the duo was sick with the flu from a long bout of STREAKING around the business district of Montreal, Alex & Blake took microwaved antifreeze and poured it over they primitive oscillators and filters, left them in a snow bank for two hours, stood facing separate corners in silence in the bright lights of their studio for another three hours, and then at 6:30 am: slammed a gallon of that sickly liquid inside those old wax lips from the 80’s (alex found a case in alley when stenciling cats for a mural biased on the Packers Super Bowl Loss from last year) and RUSHED to hold the Guinness world record for the most CUBIST song 7″ ever recorded. Sheesh. No joke. I think they won but the judge thought the songs on this single were from a SEND IN YOUR LYRICS song contest they made for the failed robot boxers in the new Hugh Jackman boxing movie. Between you and me, they won. They didn’t necessarily PRESS this record as they did unwillingly from a vision induced by YOGURT overdose at Bill Smith records from post dated expired DANNON marathon sessions at the plant. NOTHING IS RIGHT on this single. SOOO WEIRD. File under = Goofy Tombstone Pizza Dirt. The only record at played at the Olzone crib where tovah thought it was on CHOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE records. So abstracted stoked on this i will spell it STO PKOKED. This here, are my weird friends and they PEAK MY LANGUAGE. B & W covers, edition of 200, numbered and hand stamped.

  • villages / merryl – split – houseway recordings

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    Two sides of beautiful drone from Ross Gentry and William Isenogle. Mastered by Dean Inman, Cover art by Lisa Nance, Screenprinted dust cover and center label by Daniel Abide and insert by William Isenogle. We went all out on elaborate and lovely packaging for this one.

  • magic lantern – showstopper – nnf

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    Companion banger to the Platoon LP, this 33 RPM single finds the Lanterns firmly in retro motor city rave-up rockist terrain, covering the cult classic “Showstopper” on the A, backed with their own James Brown soul revue funk-rock shaker “Cypress” on the flip. Recorded during the Platoon sessions and mastered by James Plotkin. Black vinyl 7 inches in cosmic boogie collage jackets designed by Cameron Stallones. Edition of 500.

  • /parallelogram/ ~000

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    ~000 is the first vinyl release from galapagoose and %, working collaboratively under the /parallelogram/ moniker. this is a limited edition of 200 units, many of which have already been claimed by the benefactors of parallelogram’s mlrv 2.0 software release. features a locked groove on side A.

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