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  • topaz rags – the crown center – not not fun

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    Edition of 345, various colors of in hand screened

  • aaron dilloway – chain balled – turgid animal

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    Tape loops, metal, horns, motor.
    Recorded Winter 2008 At Tarker Mills, Ohio.
    Thanks Damion, George, Sam, Steve and Nate.

    Limited to 500 copies. Vinyl housed between two separate cover sheets.

  • caligine / the end springs – split – beard of snails

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    Caligine “Gelsomini e Rintocchi (per Antoinet)” (3:43)

    The End Springs “All the Clouds and Orange Sky (for Samantha)” (3:03)

    Caligine (Italy; seemingly nomadic) and The End Springs (U.K.) each provide idyllic instrumental acid folk-tinged visions for this short but sweet split — the penultimate A Beard of Snails 7-inch release.

    Intimate acoustic-electric morning music for the odious chill or mesmeric swelter of whenever. Both pieces are, coincidentally, of a dedicatory nature… but these are for you as well.

    Limited to a 100 copies in all; 91 on black… with a precious 9 (sold out) on marbled gray-ish vinyl.

    Each record with individually hand stamped center labels, and front cover iconography by Phil French. Includes a download card.

  • Lieven Martens Moana – the bells from above – edicoes CN

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    One time only edition of 25 hand cut flexi discs. Comes with a double sided Riso print including related photography and text.
    “Aloiafi” is a series of limited run lathe cuts, flexi discs and cassettes. This is Part One of the series.

    “The Bells From Above” is a cyclic poem in three parts.
    “Magma”, where the voices mime wayward lines and movements of the unsettling thrusts in the magma chamber.
    “The Eruption”, a transitive and ascending sound, increasing its vigor, bursting into an ecstatic silence.
    The expiration, “Alle Menschen Werden Steinen”, where the birds and frogs sing the drums. And where the lava’s path embraces emblems of pahoehoe.

    In the Divehi language, lava means “a song”.

  • big troubles – oesb


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    Kicking off the OESB 7″ series is a new single by New Jersey’s Big Troubles. Four tracks, including an alternate version of “Drastic and Difficult” which will also appear on their forthcoming l.p. titled “Worry” in July.

  • jerusalem and the starbaskets – room 8 / swingin vine – destijl records

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    Having toured tirelessly and stupidly for many years, I played the unlikely hot spot of Columbia, Missouri no less than three times one summer. Don’t ask me how—logistically the cursed itinerary is still a mystery—but I can probably tell you why. The chance to play a gig with that city’s Jerusalem and the Starbaskets always made it a worthwhile and necessary stop. Basically a duo (although sometimes augmented by other members), Jerusalem and the Starbaskets play unfashionable, unpretentious and completely devastating pop music, and they’re one of my all time favorite live bands. Criminally under-recorded up until now (with only a handful of impossibly rare cassettes and a split LP with Skarkraou Radio to their name), their brand new The Howling LP (Radio Fonico) is a great sampling of their unique vibe, sounding like the third Velvets LP played by The Terminals. Note the righteous guitar tone any stoner rock Chud would envy, and catchy, infectious tunes (with a recent emphasis on country melodies) that will stay in your head for weeks. Completely necessary and great. Album of the month! 
    ~ James Jackson Toth 
    Your Flesh

  • arbol trancemissions / floating – relic grove bliss – split – rotifer


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    edition of 200, clear vinyl

    Gabriel Ortiz’s 2006 dawning, Relic Grove Bliss in full bloom on Rotifer’s first vinyl. Remix on the B side by Dillard Wiseheart (Floating). More from Gabriel soon with label/distro Elestial Sound.

  • stillbirth / prurient – the mirror of purification – semata

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    The first in a new series of split vinyl releases on Semata, we are proud to present The Mirror of Purification. Those expecting brutal no-future power electronics will not find it here; instead, you’ll find a work that will non doubtingly confound and bewilder – we wouldn’t want it any other way. Both sides thematically linked from months of communication, what we have here are two artists stepping out of their comfort zones.

    The first vinyl release for Stillbirth (Perispirit, ex-Craniopagus) this material is the unfolding progression from the last Hospital and Jugular Forest tapes. Complex guitar work, tape manipulation, shortwave radios and clever synth leads give ‘The View Untangled’ an almost musique concrete feel at times – melodies occasionally piercing through the static and blown out amplifier fog. A highly unique voice and one to watch out for.
    Prurient’s ‘Where Secrets are Guarded’ brings forth new techniques in the Prurient sound. Melodic vocals mix in with pitch shifted dialogue, spiraling synth lines and what sounds like small metal objects being joggled about or computer keyboards being typed on frenetically. Harmonic shapes take form within the electro-acoustic mist underlining this exceptional text. A work that deems repeat listening.
    Two innovative artists at the top of their game, paving the way – there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Edition of 500: randomly mixed colored vinyl cut at 45 RPM with printed labels – Housed in a pro printed gluepocket sleeve. Artwork by Dominick Fernow.

  • joshua burkett – xavier’s birds – time lag records

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    Same music as the book and 7″ combo, but without the massive book. The 7″ is a large hole 45 RPM disc with hand stamped labels. Each copy is packaged in a one-of-a-kind, hand painted, recycled 7″ cover, with a double-sided, offset printed, neon green outer cover that matches the book, and with the same hand painted and metallic-gold screen-printed wrap-around title strip. Numbered edition of 111 copies.”

  • young prisms – apartment song – intercoastal artists

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    The new songs on the YOUNG PRISMS 7-inch for Intercoastal Artists could have been exhumed from Creation Records chilly grave. The A Side, ‘Apartment Song (prequel,)’ sounds like an amalgam of Creation’s noisier output. Bobby Gillespie drumming with Slowdive guitar but with almost a High Rise-type feel. That is until the bass kicks in, borrowing something from Peter Hook circa, well, it doesn’t matter, it sounds like Peter Hook on bass. The B side, ‘Apartment Song (sequel,)’ sounds more contemporary. Contemporary in its devotion to the 1970s-from krautrock to Fripp & Eno’s 1970s ambient suites No Pussyfooting and Evening Star. It sounds like a nude version of My Bloody Valentine’s opus (my opinion) “Glider”. Good luck picking a favorite side on this little record.