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  • konntinent – arev benn – sweat lodge guru

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    After being praised as an experimental front-runner by none other than the tastemakers/tastebreakers at Pitchfork, this London lodge member goes deeper and darker than ever before, leaving a trail of thick, black smoke in the aftermath. It’s called Arev Benn. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes with special obi-strip.

  • gastón arévalo – deriva – sweat lodge guru

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    Straight from Uruguay comes a beautiful batch of richly textured electro-acoustic spinouts. A boiled-down broth of electronica’s best parts. Lovely. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • lee noble – persona – bridgetown

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    No stranger to making weirdness accessible and relatable, Lee Noble presents a new full-length album of alien loner transmissions broadcast and received just down the hill from Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The sound of sparkling lights burning out all across an isolated island on a comet hurtling through the interstellar tropics, burying the familiar tones of keyboard and plucked guitar somewhere off in the distance.

  • tearjerker – strangers – sweat lodge guru

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    What in the world is hypnagogic pop? And where is all this shoegaze revivalism going anyways? In the hands of these three lads, pop songs implode into astonishingly subdued anthems, reminding us that there is no revival – all of our favorite tunes are merely waiting to be discovered and embraced. Introduce yourself. Strangers is proudly presented on the compact cassette format by the Sweat Lodge Guru with many thanks to the skilled hands that crafted it. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes.

  • pan to scratch – with happiness – earjerk

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    Spring time in a can. Banjo, bouzouki melodica, cassette and sounds captured live, outside. 7/1/09 through 7/11/09. Variant color tape, insert and case with hand carved text. Limited.

  • the big drum in the sky religion – sha^ri va’ri – earjerk

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    The Big Drum in the Sky Religion has patched together a story quilt of 69 short minutes. Documenting a foray into their world. Several primal live events are blended seamlessly. Humans scream. Ancestors laugh. And they all dance and sing too the steadily unsteady drum. Infinite and eternal jams pound on through an air thick with sweat and electric hum. A fresh of breath air. To find even more simply fucked cd-rs, (as well as the cd-r version of ‘Sha^ri Va’ri’ with some extra music) check out their myspce your damn self. If you dare. Expect some exclusive T.B.D.I.T.S.R. tracks on the earjek label soon.

  • seziki tetrasheaf – clannad matsoyu- rotifer

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    Broadened bodies, verging manias.

  • breathing flowers – lumeria – sirius – draco – sonic meditations

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    Breathing Flowers’ new release has been carefully crafted over the last year at Justin Wright’s (Expo ’70) studio. Jones has created his most mature album to date fusing folk, electronic passages and heavy psychedelic playing into his newest album. Songs contrast moods, capture time while teleporting the listener through magical landscapes conjured by Jones knack for songcraft and choicesong craftumentation. Deep meditation can be sought out through the shifting rhythms and melodies, this is sure to be a timeless album which will stand the test of time and weight as the sonic mass of “L.S.D.” begins the journey though your eardrums and pass into the psyche.

  • sounding the deep – anthems of light- sonic meditations

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    Sounding the Deep have been very prolithic and ever-changing. The Kansas City based group has released three full-length albums. “Anthems of Light” collects outtakes from “A Union According to Energy” and unreleased material recorded prior to “Glacier” fills this album well, drifting tones and melodies the way Sounding the Deep does best. All material is solo performances by David Williams.