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  • marnie stern – demo – dog daze tapes

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    2006 solo home recordings from the #1 DYI SHREDDER of all time. Different versions of some of these songs ended up on Marnie’s 2007 debut In Advance of the Broken Arm.
    pro-dubbed and imprinted green cassette includes mp3 dogload.

  • jovontaes – the thief of baghdad – dnt

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    Named after 90s street skater Jovontae Turner, Jovontaes are a group of kids from the Lexington, KY community, tearing up both the psych and skateboarding scenes. Not doing what you’d expect from a bunch of skaters, these dudes are making caveman psych rock (with hints of surf and kraut) like a scaled down Eternal Tapestry yet still sounding way weirder than the standard psych-jam band trying to live in the past of the 60s. Not too detached from last year’s rad tape on Eggy, on this one you get almost 50 minutes of songs, closing out the second side with a sprawling free-form musique-concrete jam piece. Recorded late 2010 in their Void Skateshop, (which apparently is right around the corner from Caboladies’ old recording space). Hand-numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed clear tapes (with a lil’ skatebuddy imprinting) and absolutely stunning full-color psychedelic artwork by the equally beautiful young artist Camille Bryant.

  • misner space – untitled – private collection tapes

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    2010 release, limited to 25 copies

  • aerial jungle – tales of acoustic levitation – no kings

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    This epic follow-up to their Hooker Vision debut deftly captures the ideal essence of contemporary synth / ambient music, and further cements the Midas touch of both Brad Rose (The North Sea, Digitalis Industries) and Rachel Evans (Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Quiet Evenings, Hooker Vision). The 50 transportive minutes of “…Acoustic Levitation” invoke a supernatural science fiction spirit, with tones and rhythms that are both manufactured and organic, as if dredged up from a future where technology and nature are intertwined. With titles like “The Meissner Effect” which has to do with magnetic levitation, the science magic vibe is clear. Edition of 60 pro-dubbed / imprinted tapes with letterpressed artwork on pink or white paper.

  • nite lite – pepper people – tape drift

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    Tape Drift is thrilled and honored to present this heartfelt missive from the West Coast, highlighting the wonderfully strange music of Phil and Myste French, proprietors of the famed and influential Stunned Records label (RIP). Featuring not only music but also art and packaging by Phil and Myste, this is a very special release for Tape Drift and one that can be considered our own tribute to a label that has inspired us for years, and has supported so many acts in the DIY tape world. It looks, sounds, and feels like a tiny remembrance of the days when a package of Stunned tapes arriving in the post was better than a holiday. Musically, Nite Lite pushes even further into the development of their own unique sound world showcased so well on the “Megrez” LP for Desire Path Recordings. Various field recordings blend with tiny percussive figures, tapes, and drones to create an organic and seamless whole that is both mysterious and magical in its transportational powers. As with everything Phil and Myste have had a hand in, this tape is a meticulously crafted thing of beauty, and essential in every way.

  • decimus – kemunculan – sangoplasmo

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    Decimus, the solo project of Pat Murano of No Neck Blues Band,
    K Salvatore, Malkuth, Key Of Shame. Two tracks, emergence and retreat.

  • giant claw – clash of moons – bridgetown

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  • telecult powers – stars are the eyes of good – draft tapes

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    performing with custom-built synthesizers, occult synth duo Telecult Powers creates abstract electronic music to explore mysteries, mystic states and magickal systems. After forming out of early collaborations between members Mister Matthews and Witchbeam, the duo moved from Cleveland to Brooklyn where they continued to develop their work over the past few years. Currently based in both Brooklyn and New Orleans , Telecult Powers remains an active creative force in the underground community. Telecult’s recorded work can be found on their own label Temple of Pei, as well as Deception Island, Baked Tapes, Pizza Night, and a few others.
    Telecult Powers’ newest release, Stars are the Eyes of God, enlists the help of two prolific collaborators: Hecate’s Fountain is Telecult joined by Lala Ryan (of Excepter); Inner Spaced is Telecult and John Elliott (of Emeralds, Outer Space, and Imaginary Softwoods). On side A, Hecate’s Fountain’s “Initiation to the Temple of Pei” spins spheres of spacious textures which serve as a bed for Lala Ryan’s tripped-out acid-tinged Dadaist vocals. Reminiscent of Cosmic Joker’s Gilles Zeitschiff, the trio concocts the perfect blend of alchemical theatrics and kosmiche music. On side B, Inner Spaced launches into “No Sleep Til Nibiru,” opening with a gushing wall of white noise that shape-shifts into an array of cyclical sounds. The three synth players craft a heavy dark-matter space, with slow, methodical pacing and intention. This tape traverses new landscapes of abstract synth and space music, as wholly engulfing side-length tracks provide an expanded Telecult universe.

  • aloha spirit – this is water – a giant fern

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    “This Is Water, the first release from The Aloha Spirit, examines the interplay between stasis and movement using delayed synthesizers, cassette tape loops, and field recordings. Inspired by the repeating, but constantly evolving, nature of tides and precipitation, the pieces on This Is Water come together as layers of intricate loops overlap and blur into slow-moving rivers of sound. As tones puddle and dissolve, they expose the growth and decay inherent in repetition.”
    released 28 September 2011
    Recorded in 2010 by Brad Barry.
    Austin, TX.