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  • diamond catalog – we are 133 bpm – gnar tapes and shit

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    The debut release of Diamond Catalog’s trance inspired noise destruction (after the tour on the east coast that included dates alongside famed weirdo rapper Lil B and an appearance at dan deacon’s “Whartscape” festival in Baltimore last month), is a boom-box melter. Comprised of noise head couple Lala Rivera and Glamours Pat (DJ Yo Yo Dieting Indignant Senility) whose experience in the annals of underground sludge is paralleled by few others (Pat’s Project DJ Yo Yo Dieting just released a double LP on Weird Forest last month also, which you should check out). This long play features three tracks of oddly danceable – yet utterly heavy in presentation – sample based “trance.” A must have for fans of Pat’s earlier work and a perfect place to start as well. Comes with digital download and collectible catalog card.

  • recombinants – white​/​boys – patient sounds

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    Jacob DeRaddt runs BASEMENT TAPES and has been making noise and experimental music for years. Recombinants is a collaborative project he started, sending cassettes of noise/loops to friends, who then edit it into compositions. He sent Barry White and Beach Boys loops to Sage, who chopped them into a warped hiphop excursion.

  • gem jones / part time cruiser – split – cgi friday

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    Golly gee wiz this is exciting! The first official release from CGIFRIDAY ENTERPRISE, the GEM JONES /// PART TIME CRUISER c44 SPLIT features groovy jams, glow in the dark cassette tapes and a full color U.F.O cover with sparkle interior and full color inserts. Gem Jones fills his side with washy wishy pop jams that trickle straight into your sound world and leave you in a auditory haze of good vibes and half remembered episodes of the Wonder Years. Really super nice stuff. It’s like Ghost Dad playing through an A.M. Radio swirling the soundtrack to the first night you stayed up all night with your best buds. Think California Dreaming playing in the back of your head while chilling in the basement with the black lights on. Part Time Cruiser provides us with 21 minutes of moancore full of dum dums and Pharaoh Kong super anthems. It’s like a xeroxed tape collage of nuclear waste spillage. Think Sea World Atlantis. Release Date of 4/20/2010 for C.G.I.FRIDAY 001 GEM JONES /// PART TIME CRUISER SPLIT C44 TAPE with a 1st run of 30 tapes for $4.20. This tape is for perfect listening to while for playing pogs or lasertag and drinking slushies. Have a k.a.s!

  • the geese – u.s. passport virgin islands – roll over rover

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    New project from Josiah Wolfson and Sean McCann. Recorded in Josiah’s livingroom upon Sean’s debut arrival to New York last spring. The strangest Rover release so far. Two old friends laying eggs together. Limited to 100 copies, Color covers with inserts and audio download link.

  • colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – at red frosting

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    after being delayed multiple times along with mr mcguire’s “between family”, this release finally sees the light. songs about confusing confusion being confusing. the ensemble moves forward with a malachite grid for the room to change all the bad stuff happening in the basement. nobody is being honest and so maybe the obsidian should be handled with much more care (i.e. put it away) than previously anticipated. no, not new age bullshit – im talking about the little pieces of information which we are handed to use as tools. thats not the point anyhow and besides that, the red frosting is a mystery and its a bad thing anyway, nobody wants to dwell on the bad stuff.
    150 chrome red tapes w/double sided collage art.