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  • brahmen raag – hare akedod

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    Both sides of this tape are live improvisations recorded october 7th 2015 at Sint-Denijs-Westrem.
    released April 21, 2016

    Music by David Edren (synthesizers) and Glen Steenkiste (harmonium, synthesizer, shruti & electronic tambura).

  • guenter schlienz – augenblicke – sacred phrases

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    Hot on the heels of Sacred Phrases’ re-press of 2014’s ambient classic ‘Treehut Visions,’ Guenter Schlienz is back with a new cassette of sublimely sprawling sounds. ‘Augenblicke’ continues the Stuttgart, Germany-based producer’s run of astral-minded naval-gazing with four new tracks of impossible serenity. Opening track “Blue Sky” paints a perfectly bucolic picture of the German countryside, accompanied by a barely noticeable breeze and consumed by boundless, naturalistic beauty. B-side opener “Treetops” coasts on an elevated plane of floating effervescence, taking in an aural panorama that pours well beyond comprehension. “The World Is Full of Noises” serves as a perfectly incidental miniature, surveying a series of field recordings and playing out like a charmed audio travelogue. Closing track “Wind on Water” succinctly returns to the pleasantly disembodied celestial realms, closing out ‘Augenblicke’ in a calmed, transcendental state.

  • guenter schlienz – treehut visions – sacred phrases

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    Now available in its second edition, Guenter Schlienz’s ‘Treehut Visions’ serves as a poignant and sincere example of modern. synth-based kosmische musik. Recorded in Stuttgart, Germany using a DIY modular synthesizer in the Spring of 2013, Schlienz follows the tried and true templates sketched out by the likes of Cluster, Terry Riley, and other early modern electronic pioneers and rubbing shoulders with contemporaries like Panabrite, Eluvium, and other long-form revelers in exploratory sounds. “Games at the Creek” kicks things off with rustic curiosity, flowing through space like a sonic creek littered with stray bits and bubbling tones. “The Meadow at Summernights” floats with unencumbered bliss, collecting streaks of texture and glittering effects along its meandering path. “Sunday Morning Cake” closes out the A-side with an extended simmer of cool, flowing sound and genuine, nu-age navel gazing. On the B-side, “Treehut Visions” unfurls its sprawling vignette for a full half-hour of heaving synth chords and assuringly avian found sounds. It’s a modern classic of synthesizer music, available once again on cassette.

    Limited edition of 100. Imprinted, green cassette with fold-out j-card and download card.

  • qualchan – pools of light / pools of shadow – magical garage taste

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    edition of 35. Hand-duplicated in real time on type II high-bias tape.

  • L’eoscombu Couti – five cambridge utilities – constellation tatsu

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  • yorishiro – I – constellation tatsu

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  • Пурпурный Дядя – agobi

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  • foodman ~ ez minzoku – noumenal loom

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    usic by Takahide Higuchi

    Artwork by Keith Rankin & Ellen Thomas

  • eatqs ~ fairy super crystal blue – noumenal loom

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    ethereal & the queer show.
    All songs produced by EATQS – Denton, TX
    Artwork by Keith Rankin

  • kanelbjørn – udkants​-​tripper – metaphysical circuits

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    Hereby, the debut full length from Denmark’s Kanelbjørn (yeah, we’re proud of the “ø” here – see, also, Fugleøen, Grøn, Øjerum, and… I’m probably inadvertently overlooking a few others.) Incidentally, Kanelbjørn (‘cinnamon bear’) is Danish for ‘ruby tiger.’ Phragmatobia fuliginosa. That’s a moth.

    Well, there are, certainly, complex wings on this masterful mindbender! Multi-faceted yet focused, “Udkants-tripper” spans twelve compositions, encompassing spliff-er-iffic splashes, tech-pop textures, dub-infused wizardry, and lo-fi sci-fi which – to these ears (and wings) – are, simply, perfection.