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  • wave temples – isle enchanted – not not fun

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    Floridian fantasy island ethnographer Wave Temples is responsible for a unique flow of opaque tropical hallucinations since 2013, issued via a variety of noted tape boutiques. His latest, Isle Enchanted, maps a mirage coastline of salt haze, cerulean water, and smeared, siren keys. Both sides were tracked across three summer days, inspired by notions of Polynesian paradise and the Māori underworld. Blank blue waves swell and ebb, tones float and fade, textures phase and decay – Isolation Exotica, for castaways abandoned on utopian shores. As personal and poetic an encapsulation of palm tree minimalism as any we’ve heard since …On Sea-Faring Isolation (2009). The more hidden the temple the more sacred the space: “This place to me is what it must have been like to discover the island of Capri or Malta uninhabited since beyond ancient days.” Recorded live at Hawaiki, June 20-22, 2016. Images sourced by WT. Design by Britt Brown. Mastered by Alter Echo.

  • ekolali – igor – not not fun

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    Malmö multi-instrumentalist Mattias Lagerkvist spent time in short-lived neo-Harmonia trio Cosmic Letters (alongside Martin Herterich of Sand Circles) but since 2012 his primary focus has been swirling, long-form tape delay odysseys issued under the name Ekolali. Previous releases have explored minimalist solarium drone (Vår Värld I Fossil, via Skeppet’s Kosmisk Vag imprint) and tropical kraut psychedelia (Tropisk Hägring) but Igor is his first inspired by, and centered on, guitar. A single 40-minute piece, the track flowers from ghostly electric haze into a glowing wormhole of looped hand-drums, phasing textures, and Space Echo-soaked riff abstractions, before receding to blank, haunted gauze for a full five minutes, only to gradually return for a final swooping arc of percussive kosmische freefall. In scope, depth, and functional hypnosis, the recording stands apart and above his prior creations, hinting at unknown pleasures in future days. The title “comes from the name me and my girlfriend gave a limping hooded crow; he lived in the parks of central Malmö, and we spent last summer feeding him.” Artwork designed by Britt Brown. Mastered by Alex Nagle.

  • muntjac + furly crow – split

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    a smeargulated collection acoustic improvs, coast to coast woodland diddling, field recordings, and minimalist experimentation. vibes go from mellow porch jams, to nocturnal and creepy, to just plain weird. birds are burbling, banjos are bonging, beasts are bumbling breathily.

  • amethyst deceiver – echo’s weave – sam’s cabana

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    music for bi-directional listening
    all tracks recorded at toms place
    chicago, il october 2015
    guitar, delay, and synthesizer performed in two directions on four track cassette.
    created by samuel mintgreen

  • oxherding – the past is gone and the future is not yet here

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    This album was created with the cassette format in mind. The recordings are reinterpretations of past Oxherding compositions released across a series of three EPs from 2013-2016.

  • kane pour – vision crayon – field hymns

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    We’ve had a mad bee up our bonnets for this feller since hearing Kane Pour’s previous release & are stoked as hell to drop this smooth acid candy into the world. Like Yellow Magic Orchestra scoring a new installment of The Legend of Zelda set in coastal yet swanky Hyrule, Vision Crayon is a study of bubblegum tension and confetti release and a big fuck-yeah to being alive.

    Kane Pour is from Florida

  • garde forestier – – field hymns

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    Garde Forestier is vaguely sinister 80’s hold music a lunatic French guru turned into mediation loops. Or perhaps it’s a Casio workstation gone on the fritz but becoming sentient, all whilst dealing with the breakdown of its physical body and the unfairness of bothering with such a burden at such a momentous time. Maybe Garde Forestier really is a front for a Danish trio of nuns who built up these tracks in the brief moments free from the rigors of monastic life. Perhaps we are witnessing the first stirring of a post-vaporwave work unbound and unmoored from its stable of lockstep clone acolytes. Perhaps.

    Garde Forestier is from Tours, FR