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  • youth worship – techno void – scissor tail editions

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    released April 25, 2016

    Rashiko Haskell

    artwork by ojeRum

  • gardener / ivy meadows – fluere tapes

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    The sinuous plumage of Poemandre’s humid unfurlings billow from electrified living waters of life into flourescent healing aquafers within!
    released April 22, 2016

    Fluere Tapes 07

    Side A;
    gardener is dash lewis
    recorded spring 2015 in chicago, il
    voice, looper, guitar pedals, and kyle landstra’s juno 106 synthesizer.
    thanks to kyle, colin, rae, lee, and you.

    Side B;
    Ivy Meadows “Hidden Landscapes”
    All songs recorded at home in Brooklyn, NY by Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows) between May- December 2010 using Korg Delta, Novation Bass Station, Roland Juno-60, Boss RPS-10 & Dr. Rhythm 110

  • jakob pek – emptiness smiles – full spectrum records

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    In the time since we released his first album – Open Mystery – Pek attended the venerable Mills College in Oakland, CA, where he studied with notable luminaries of the American avant-garde Fred Frith and William Winant. That experience triggered a fundamental transformation in Pek’s approach to improvisation and performance. Whereas Open Mystery provided a comprehensive examination of the American Primitive style championed by his former teachers, Emptiness Smiles expands out from that center, incorporating more diverse instrumentation and an evolved sense of both rhythm and texture.

    Recorded and mixed in sessions with FS Fam Aaron Oppenheim and Andrew Weathers, the album was assembled from hours of live studio improvisation. Four recordings have been chosen for this release, each honing in on different aspects of Pek’s current practice. Piano meditations, deconstructed blues riffs and percussive explorations of the guitar itself are all on display here, providing an evocative follow-up to his debut; and an album which serves as an intriguing document of a vital young artist operating at the fringes of American experimentalism.

  • andrew jansen / loud sun – (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​) – mjmj records

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    Andrew is a beautiful man. Not just like, the dreamy eyes and wispy blonde hair but like. . . actually just a beautiful soul. Combine that with an enormous talent for tone, tactful songwriting and the ability to convey that inner beauty and calm into dreamy pop songs, and you’ve got a seriously hard to put down cassette. This album is going to be a permanent fixture to your porch, kitchen, or road trip playlist.

    The inspiration for this album, in Andrew’s words – “When my then two-year-old daughter Gray first uttered the words “Loud” to describe the Sun’s brightness, I was given an anchor to ground what was then just a small batch of murky demo recordings. It’s been a labor of love and necessity, and I’ve grown immensely while processing these works. With sound, my intentions are to relay and inspire others towards a more beautiful and creatively prosperous present tense.”

  • rawmean – tutulemma – mjmj records

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    MJMJ’s final offering of 2015 is in the form of a sprawling, experimental soundscape from New York’s rawmean (real name Ramin Rahni.) Tutelemma is a feast of tone and texture, utterly rich and inviting while still remaining a challenging and fascinating listen. The album is comprised of three mini-suites, each one well defined but balanced as a part of a very satisfying whole. This record could have easily been over an hour long, but Rahni keeps the pace relatively quick, when the desired tone is achieved it is celebrated, then quickly set aside and joined with the next.

    Tutulemma is presented in a limited edition silver cassette with five-panel J card designed by Nico Stephou.

  • choral reefr – did it all for the plushies – mjmj records

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    MJ MJ is very proud to bring you Jess Oleson AKA Choral Reefr’s label debut – DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES. It’s been pretty incredible watching Jess evolve from the front woman of old school rock n’ rollers The Shakin Babies into the powerhouse stoner-diva she is today. With every passing month I’d catch her at a show and see her production, vocal delivery and poise had just leveled up by like 420 XP. It’s easy to just let this stone cold groove wash over you, but it is truly deserving of a deeper listen. Lyrics / phrasing / harmony is NEXT LEVEL. DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES finds a budding young R&B artist really hitting her stride. The first cut really is the deepest.

  • white poppy – natural phenomena – not not fun (Copy)

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    Limited European tour cassette edition of Crystal Dorval’s sophomore White Poppy full-length, Natural Phenomena. Same content as the LP but housed on pale pink pro-dubbed tapes with violet-imprinted shells. About 55 currently in stock. Here’s the NNF text from before: “Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, Canada has been making healing, distorted rug-gaze music from a coastal mindset all her own since 2011. Natural Phenomena is her second album, and it echoes 2013’s previous self-titled effort in its isolationist origins, as the record emerged slowly across a 9-month retreat alone on a farm on Vancouver Island: “Some days I would only add one tiny guitar line or keyboard texture and that would be it for the day… it was a long process.” However grueling and gradual the method, what accrued is gold – 10 of Dorval’s deepest dreamdives, starry ambient pools, and dissolved guitar designs, ghosted through a lens of grey-skied pop. Songs wax and wane across faded rainbows of guitar, sunrise keyboards, looped percussion, and vocal ocean-spray. Behind Dorval’s gauze of warm noise glows something pure and newer than new age: “My hope is that these positive feelings will be communicated sonically, or in essence, and will be enriching for listeners.” A high height for a climbing talent; White Poppy blooms on cliffs of light. Written and recorded by C. Dorval. Mixed and mastered by J. Arner. Artwork by C. Dorval.”

  • multa nox – dwelling tapes

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    emotional responses to the world


    deep in the night


    All music produced, composed & mixed by Sally Decker in Chicago, IL & Brooklyn, NY

    Mastered by Adam Hirsch

    Tape art by Sarah Rose Lejeune

    Released by dwelling tapes