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  • katie gately – blue eight – blue tapes

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    Pro-dubbed C30 with onbody printing + bonus ‘b-side’ download
    Comes in deluxe presentation case
    200 copies only

    It was after hearing Katie Gately’s remix of Schemawound back in February – incredibly one of the first pieces of music that she had made – that we immediately began hassling her to do a tape for us.

    The result is Pipes, a piece that is both concise and ambitious. A 22nd Century pop song made out of nothing but the massed tones of the human voice, so complex that it took six painstaking months to assemble, but dropkicks the seratonin-releasing pleasure centres of the brain like the most immediate and narcotic of pop hits.

    Influenced by Arthur Russell and Gregorian chant, Pipes is a kind of future choral music. In its soundworld, synthesizers have been superseded by lungs, and soundscapes are no longer programmed, but can be projected into the air at the speed of thought.

    If you loved Petra Haden’s classic 2005 acapella reading of The Who Sell Out, but thought it would be loads better without all The Who bits, then you’ll love this. If you love pop music, but hate dumb lyrics, then this is for you. If you’ve ever felt a surge of energy from the sound of another human singing – whether it’s opera or death metal – then this is a substation. This electric is natural and now.


  • soft serve – nonday diary – housecraft recordings

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    In the wild. It’s true, we didn’t know what we were getting into. Somehow the lights are on and we got a couple strips to plug some gadgets onto. Thus, Soft Serve occurs. Introducing Nevada City’s very own frozen cold stew: Jeffry Astin (Xiphiidae, Digital Natives, etc.), Kaisha King (G Sweems), Justin Kryzanauskas (Gerda Taro) — time slows by, one way or another. We make dew. edition of 50. type II BASF cass.

  • ivory trade – among others – weight of ages

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    Expressive & depressed, lo-fi compositions.

  • lee noble – un look – patient sounds

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    Based in Los Angeles, Lee Noble is a musican and artist that creates provocative and generally shadowy work fused with materiality and wear. Un Look adheres to Lee’s aesthetic, feeling worn, maybe slightly musty. And yet, it offers some of his most glimmering and forward pop-structured songs yet. His voice feathers about in the dust. The drones are thick, the drums rattle and glass, guitars jangling in the hall. A phantom violinist. See through it, or don’t at all. Instead unsee.

    phantom grey shell w/ zebra imprint

  • girlseeker – 1-800-greed – endurance

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    cassette version.
    edition of 50

  • lieven moana / dolphins into the future – two colours, nourished by recent rain – cetacean nation

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    C31 cassette
    an archival tape with two of my favorite personal works which are historically and “geographically” linked. Ke Ala Ke Kua (2010. the sidelong title track from the sold out lp and cassette Ke Ala Ke Kua) and Spirits And Landscapes (2010. from the sold out collaborational lp and cassette with visual artist Ada Van Hoorebeke, Eternal Landscapes). both based on fieldrecordings, music and impressions, collected above Atoll Valley. both sides are a serenade towards one specific “landscape”. being the Kealakekua Bay, a heartbreakingly beautiful / multi-level bay on Big Island Hawai’i, b/w Spirits And Landscapes, an inspired / inspiring visual work by Ada Van Hoorebeke.