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  • lobster priest – cat food – blackest rainbow

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    Super lo-fi psychedelic stoner jams from this Newcastle crew that features members of BONG, Masterslave, Basillica and many more… they have had a bunch of releases on the Fuckin’ Amateurs label, as well as a mind melting self released cassette entitled ‘Turkish Wedding’ which I luckily managed to score back in 2008, the title track features on this brand new limited cassette. This is as raw as they come and pro dubbed from the cassette master…

  • e.c. brown and i’diamond – gothick reforme – earjerk

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    Everything just keeps getting darker and darker… It just must be time for this lost treasure to be unearthed. In 2001 someone gave me a cd-r. They said they knew I liked “strange music” and they thought I should have this. The cover art was a robed figure with a golden mask and the back of the cd-r had a similar female figure, posing with similar robes and a different mask. Both figures were set against a background of neon pink and yellow forest leaves. Somehow, despite the colors, there was something distinctly ominous about the artwork for this cd-r. And the same can be said of the sounds within. Truly ahead of it’s time, I had no frame of reference for this at this point in my life. I kept the cd-r mostly to myself; a secret revealed only to some. Very few were ready to except it’s slimy, sometimes oppressive atmospheres. It’s jarring, film score “scene changes”. And it’s mixture of Free(k) Folk, Noise and even Black Metal tendencies. Earjerk tracked down Mr. Brown and was stupified to learn that a mere 35 copies of this cd-r exsist! Well, no longer will this linger in dark corners of cardboard boxes and basement floors, subject to CD rot and digital decay. Earjerk has re-issued this wonder for all the world to hear. The original artwork has been lovingly re-formatted for cassette. Puke pink or yellow cassettes with two different covers. Buy this. Be the first to say you weren’t there

  • fossils – flashbacks – mjc

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    take a deadly dose from trio Scott Johnson, Johnny Scarr and David Payne.
    lingering hallucinations among empty bottles form a soundtrack dissolving into
    space dust.
    A tornado of tapes whirls around the drain disposal blades, tearing sound into
    traces of color devoid of nature’s light. watch out for vol 2 on Scarr’s Mantile
    full color covers!
    limited to 23

  • fossils – jinx blues – mjc

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    bench grinder duo of Payne and Michalchuk play strange fossils sounds
    side A gives 15 minutes of tape/sax attack recorded in warped off winter winds nov ’10.
    Michalchuk’s sax (both raw and Payne processed) matched by reel-to-reel with found tapes.
    stereo mix by payne aug. the rest of the tape is cut from one summer session;
    short-wave transmissions, soul-bowed, recycled ambience. awake snoring dinosaur!
    full color covers
    limited to 17

  • gastón arévalo – deriva – sweat lodge guru

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    Straight from Uruguay comes a beautiful batch of richly textured electro-acoustic spinouts. A boiled-down broth of electronica’s best parts. Lovely. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

  • tearjerker – strangers – sweat lodge guru

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    What in the world is hypnagogic pop? And where is all this shoegaze revivalism going anyways? In the hands of these three lads, pop songs implode into astonishingly subdued anthems, reminding us that there is no revival – all of our favorite tunes are merely waiting to be discovered and embraced. Introduce yourself. Strangers is proudly presented on the compact cassette format by the Sweat Lodge Guru with many thanks to the skilled hands that crafted it. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes.

  • pan to scratch – with happiness – earjerk

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    Spring time in a can. Banjo, bouzouki melodica, cassette and sounds captured live, outside. 7/1/09 through 7/11/09. Variant color tape, insert and case with hand carved text. Limited.