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  • julian lynch – orange you glad – baro records

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    Special cassette version of Julian Lynch’s long out of print first LP, “Orange You Glad.

  • drawing trees & ant’lrd – balanced breakfast – baro records

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    This is a double A-side split between Chicago’s, Drawing Trees, and Portland’s, Ant’lrd. Designed with care to accompany your breakfast.
    released 02 July 2015

    Drawing Trees is Frank Broder
    -Bits of Jams-
    Recorded in various locations
    Guest on album- Ian Ferguson

    Ant’lrd is Colin Blanton
    Made with samplers, cassette recorder, and a computer
    Recorded in Chicago & Portland 2k14-15
    Thanks Y’all

    Mastered By Sean McCann
    Collage by Colin
    Layout by Kevin.
    Breathing & Receiving Oxygen #47

  • olli aarni – peite – baro records

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    A blanket of fog
    Vantaa, Finland. Autumn 2014

    Collage by Colin Blanton
    Layout by Kevin Hein

  • embarker – habitrail – refulgent sepulchre

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    demented modulations from fishtown’s hyper-advanced goblin king Michael Barker. Unreasonable voltage control over psychotic digital samples. nigh unbearable sophistication.

  • in media res – リンキンパーク Quindecim – exo tapes

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    Ltd. Edition of 55

    Design by Watever™

  • de leon – /​\​\​08 – /\\aught

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    c28 in 4×5″ poly bag.

  • tyler higgins – lonely and blue – scissor tail editions

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    Being such a deft player and writer, Tyler Higgins could easily settle on sturdy finger-picking, sparse minimalism, gentle balladry, or many other well-earned styles. But instead he’s decided to do it all on a single album, and “Lonely and Blue” is the rich, engaging result. But this is no schizoid role-playing. Higgins fully commits to every moment, such that his sonic variety has a clear tonal consistency. It’s all about a mood, one that proves remarkably contagious from the first note to the last.”
    – Marc Masters (writer for Pitchfork, The Wire, Signal to Noise)

  • saskatoon – kenosha – scissor tail editions

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    askatoon is the project of Paul Dehaven and Jess Webb of Evergreen Colorado. Paul is known for his guitar work in the Denver folk/baroque band Paper Birds. He also has a solo album of singer songwriter music that is fantastic. Jess is an amazing visual artist, cellist and mother. From what I witnessed she play’s, draws, makes decisions with conviction. She added some beautiful Cello arrangements to the Lake Mary full band as well as this duo with Paul.

  • drowning in wood – drowning in wood – scissor tail editions

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    ‘Drowning In Wood’ is the Improvisational experimental duo of Vincenzo De Luce and Sergio Albano from Italy. Two years ago ST released a very intense album by Sergio Albano’s trio Grizzly Imploded titled ‘You are the way you face your death’. This album takes a similar course, sans Francesco Gregoretti and Maurizio Argenziano. Guitars screech and intersect creating dissonant moments that play off one another in beautiful and sometimes frightening way’s. Their ability to create different moods and predict one anthers decisions is an area many musicians are afraid to journey. It’s reminiscent of Pelt but pulled off with only two members. Spontaneous expression and brotherly connection at it’s finest.

  • day/night tapes – tape 4

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    this is a DIY handmade product. Each tape comes packaged with a small zine describing the project.
    Tape 4 in the series. Side A is a collection of sounds from the beaches of Maine, as well as the house I live in. No instrumentation on this side just straight Musique Concrete style collage. Side B is special. Side B is a collection of sounds that I field recorded at a protest for Michael Brown, on the day that a grand jury chose not to indict his killer. It was an emotional and powerful experience. Thousands took to the streets of Manhattan, shutting down traffic and making themselves heard. I brought my field recorder with me because I bring it everywhere, and it seemed like something that should be documented. After consideration I decided to turn the music into a piece, with the audio recordings being center in the mix, and with sparse background noise and distraction