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  • gears – jaguar intentions – sanity muffin

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    Side A is all synth workout’s with the most lush, dark, warm and
    deep melodies you could ever want… expansive)))))
    Side B brings in the drum machines in a gargantuan way! PHAT))))
    86 minutes, a total rinse out! gEars is also part of Galena’s studio
    and live arsenal.

  • galena – buried finch – sanity muffin

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    New album by Oakland artist & musician Billy Sprague! very much leaving off from 2010′s “Grave News For You”. Dark noisey eruptions with cascading synth fizzles that flow into more structured “songs”. Armed mostly again with synths, drum machine, barritone guitar, bass and vocals with strong influences (covers?) by Soft Cell, Daily Fauli & Bruce Haack! Menacing, catchy, layered and expansive. Highly recomended!

  • perpeteia – music for mesmer – sanity muffin

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    With their sophomore release for Sanity Muffin, Music for Mesmer is a meditation upon the enchanting research of the German mystic-physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), who’s theory of animal magnetism described a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects. Brimming with hallucinatory swirls of ineffable guitar tones gliding smoothly over and through chimerical Wurlitzer finger shimmers and aberrant field recordings, the phantasmagorical cadence of this velvety sonic mass flows over the listener like waves of saccharine reverie, filling one’s sensorial chambers with ameliorating amniotic fluids and tickling and trickling lysergic palpitations from deep guttural depths to the most elevated pastoral headspace. Two years in the making, this album flickers cognizance and reorients the plenum of experience.

  • albino groupie / water lily jaguar split – d’artagan records

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    bring this tape to the park
    throw a frisbee and lie in the grass
    edition of 40

  • derek rogers – fifteen second pause(for bill shute) – full of nothing

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    Edition of 50. Additional 10 copies without outer sleeve.
    All tracks created/engineered by DR in Austin TX in June 2010. Special thanks to Bill Shute for inspiring this work.

  • soft temple II – these times are the ancient times – alluvial gold

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    • An entity of flesh and blood and an entity of wires and circuits interweave to channel sounds from the beyond!
    • Series of electronic incantations for T.E. Lawrence, Larry Young, Baba O’Riley and Tony Iommi’s detached fingertips!
    • Contemporary thrift shop shamanism!
    • A journey through psychedelic lore – auditory relics of bygone eras smashed to pieces and crudely reassembled as deviant sound sculptures!
    • Ancient Music of Today!
    • Esoteric electronics, occult oscillations, synaesthetic synthesizers!

  • aea / phosphene form – cry havoc… – myiasis tapes

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    A side a piece from two former fellow jammers. AeA takes things uncharacteristically soft, trading off a bit of the angst and aggression for eeriness and disturbing atmosphere with a foundation of heavily reverb saturated drones and screams, low end tone crust featuring one of Hydeman’s old toys, and fluctuant skulk of high end bliss. Phosphene Form takes it up a notch with an implacable track of furious swirling loops via no input feedback. Rhythmic chaos oiled with delayed synth sputter and elevated drones. Potent, tormented and at the same time catchy.
    Limited to 40.

  • forest creature / ryan garbes and gerre hancock – blackest rainbow

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    Forest Creature are an insane duo that emerged out of the brief Blackout Band sessions. Duo of Ben (former BR store employee) and Richard. Total nutso weirdo noise shit, dumb electronics and self taught drums clatters… thrown in some scrapes, fights and pure dense noise with the odd barely recognizable vocal and you got Forest Creature… one flowing blurted nightmare. Ryan Garbes is the drummer from Iowa’s Raccoo-oo-oon, and on this release he is joined by organist Gerre Hancock. Inititially the opening to this sounds like your in the big top surrouned by some chirpy clowns, elephants hand standing on balls, and dudes in big hats taming tigers… But then the psychedelia hits in, and man is it a trip! Far out smoky drones with elephants getting high – Dumbo style. Clowns becoming some kinda Nosferatu blood suckers – Tom Cruise Interview with a Vampire style. Grooving stoned lions dancing reeaaaallll slow, kicking the tamers asses whilst giggling away. one hell of a far out experience. Cassette = 70 copies.

  • fossils – scarface – blackest rainbow

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    Al (David) Payne, (Johnny) Scarr Pacino, and Tony (Scott) Johnson jam it out like true gang starrrz. Recorded in September ’07. Strum, hum and squeak… chalk board screech etched with bling bling, guns, drugs, and all things old skool unfuckablewith y’know? Total weirderess. Blue tapes, and fucking weird ass black and white cover star Scarr Pacino, totally murked on da booze in Shotingham… Limited to 50 copies, and dat’s dat.