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  • day/night tapes – tape 1

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    this is a DIY handmade product. Each tape comes packaged with a small zine describing the project.

    synths and droned guitars and lots of field recorded adventures.
    released 11 January 2015

    All sounds sourced, played, recorded, and mixed by Ursidae

  • day/night tapes – tape 2

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    this is a DIY handmade product. Each tape comes packaged with a small zine describing the project.

    looped and droned vocals, guitars, rain, dogs,
    Vocals by Tender
    all sounds sourced, recorded, and mixed by Ursidae

  • day/night tapes – tape 3

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    this is a DIY handmade product. Each tape comes packaged with a small zine describing the project.
    sounds from the winter, from Maine and New York. No guitar on this tape it is mostly analog four and field recordings and some tape drones.

  • the idiots – kudlerize – refulgent sepulchre

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    c-20 pro dub
    four color hand printed insert

    Jack Callahan and Michael Elby give us bruit concrète tribute to the irrefutable Earth presence that is Ben Kudler. prelude theme b/w sonata allegro. “have you ever seen two eyes?”

  • unguent – catapult fantasia – refulgent sepulchre

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    C-14 pro dub
    hand printed one color insert

    abbreviated segments from the November 2014 “haunted haus” tour compositions. minimal brain pulse rhythms, language disintegration, and quasar foley. a lozenge of sound.

  • hunnie bunnies – the milk album – refulgent sepulchre

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    C-30 pro dub
    four color hand printed insert

    The first full-length fully-realized album from the Johnson brothers. The Milk Album rides a strange wave of blood, dust, plastic, power, confusion, and twisted sound/song craft. R~S

  • black eagle child – playing – scissor tail editions

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    Black Eagle Child is the project of Michael Jantz from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Jantz and Black Eagle Child are in no way unfamiliar names if you’ve been following experimental music over the last 5 years. He has released a number of albums on a slew of great labels over the years (Stunned, Digitalis, Under The Spire, Blackest Rainbow, Space Slave… to name a few). Black Eagle Child’s album titled “Lobelia” and came out on Preservation in 2011 and was met with critical acclaim from Pitchfork among other press outlets.

    The aptly named ‘Playing’ by Black Eagle Child takes a more playful approach to composition with less focus on the melancholy, while still maintaining some of the nostalgia that comes very naturally and sincerely from Jantz. ‘Playing’ is the perfect soundtrack for spring and summer with it’s circling guitar lines interplaying perfectly over various serene field recordings. A most blissful listening experience

  • clade – vietnamese piano

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    high-bias purple cassette edition housed in printed cardstock sleeve with card and insert. limited to 50 copies
    in august of 2012 we found ourselves in a house in hanoi with an upright piano. on our last evening we decided to set up a few microphones and see if any useful material might allow itself to issue forth

    these eight pieces have had their beginnings and endings trimmed to various degrees from the original recordings but have otherwise have not been modified in any way. all treatments were applied in real time and no other sound sources were intentionally employed

    these recordings were never intended for release in this form but as they have mellowed on the platter they seem to have grown more beautiful and portentous. thus after some deliberation we decided to offer them to you here

    each version of this totem is available in an edition of 50 copies
    cassette totems produced by acdsleeve

  • cahill locksmith / running point – starter kin / the mic’d time scene – power moves

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    Patrick on nylon guitar, harmonica + electric guitar.
    Kevin on electric guitar, lap steel + nylon guitar.

    Recorded/edited/mixed by Kevin.
    Mastered by James A. Toth.

    *For Bill & Gwen Davies.