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  • the big drum in the sky religion – sha^ri va’ri – earjerk

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    The Big Drum in the Sky Religion has patched together a story quilt of 69 short minutes. Documenting a foray into their world. Several primal live events are blended seamlessly. Humans scream. Ancestors laugh. And they all dance and sing too the steadily unsteady drum. Infinite and eternal jams pound on through an air thick with sweat and electric hum. A fresh of breath air. To find even more simply fucked cd-rs, (as well as the cd-r version of ‘Sha^ri Va’ri’ with some extra music) check out their myspce your damn self. If you dare. Expect some exclusive T.B.D.I.T.S.R. tracks on the earjek label soon.

  • breathing flowers – lumeria – sirius – draco – sonic meditations

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    Breathing Flowers’ new release has been carefully crafted over the last year at Justin Wright’s (Expo ’70) studio. Jones has created his most mature album to date fusing folk, electronic passages and heavy psychedelic playing into his newest album. Songs contrast moods, capture time while teleporting the listener through magical landscapes conjured by Jones knack for songcraft and choicesong craftumentation. Deep meditation can be sought out through the shifting rhythms and melodies, this is sure to be a timeless album which will stand the test of time and weight as the sonic mass of “L.S.D.” begins the journey though your eardrums and pass into the psyche.

  • sounding the deep – anthems of light- sonic meditations

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    Sounding the Deep have been very prolithic and ever-changing. The Kansas City based group has released three full-length albums. “Anthems of Light” collects outtakes from “A Union According to Energy” and unreleased material recorded prior to “Glacier” fills this album well, drifting tones and melodies the way Sounding the Deep does best. All material is solo performances by David Williams.

  • jovontaes – the thief of baghdad – dnt

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    Named after 90s street skater Jovontae Turner, Jovontaes are a group of kids from the Lexington, KY community, tearing up both the psych and skateboarding scenes. Not doing what you’d expect from a bunch of skaters, these dudes are making caveman psych rock (with hints of surf and kraut) like a scaled down Eternal Tapestry yet still sounding way weirder than the standard psych-jam band trying to live in the past of the 60s. Not too detached from last year’s rad tape on Eggy, on this one you get almost 50 minutes of songs, closing out the second side with a sprawling free-form musique-concrete jam piece. Recorded late 2010 in their Void Skateshop, (which apparently is right around the corner from Caboladies’ old recording space). Hand-numbered edition of 100 pro-dubbed clear tapes (with a lil’ skatebuddy imprinting) and absolutely stunning full-color psychedelic artwork by the equally beautiful young artist Camille Bryant.

  • the geese – u.s. passport virgin islands – roll over rover

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    New project from Josiah Wolfson and Sean McCann. Recorded in Josiah’s livingroom upon Sean’s debut arrival to New York last spring. The strangest Rover release so far. Two old friends laying eggs together. Limited to 100 copies, Color covers with inserts and audio download link.

  • colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – at red frosting

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    after being delayed multiple times along with mr mcguire’s “between family”, this release finally sees the light. songs about confusing confusion being confusing. the ensemble moves forward with a malachite grid for the room to change all the bad stuff happening in the basement. nobody is being honest and so maybe the obsidian should be handled with much more care (i.e. put it away) than previously anticipated. no, not new age bullshit – im talking about the little pieces of information which we are handed to use as tools. thats not the point anyhow and besides that, the red frosting is a mystery and its a bad thing anyway, nobody wants to dwell on the bad stuff.
    150 chrome red tapes w/double sided collage art.