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  • angel 1 – rex – beer on the rug

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    LA based producer Angel 1 is on fleek! You should already know about this hotsteppin’ bad boy by know. Stylistically diverse, the futuristic, ultra HD tracks on Rex careen and swerve multiple genres with ease. Seven dense bangers incorporate elements of trap, re-constructed avant-garde pop and abstract electronica under one microcosmic umbrella. Rex. Perfected cosmic circus music for all you freaks. Turn up.

  • location services – music for quiet rooms – beer on the rug

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    Portland, Oregon two-piece Location Services (member of Magic Fades) spritely capture sterile office and hospital ambiance on Music for Quiet Rooms. Recorded while on the clock at a hospital, eight feather light tracks wax and wane like invisible cycles of the moon during the day. Indigo hued latex gloved hands gently press synthesizer keys, strum fretless guitars and pluck harps, all in a genuine zen office environment. Don’t miss out on having your heartstrings pulled by this captivating new duo.

    Artwork by Mike Grabarek, Joshua Ward and Alicia Gordon
    Limited to 100 copies w/ full color pro-printed inserts and light blue compact discs housed in clear plastic sleeves.

  • xix tropic – liani crupty – beer on the rug

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    Havana’s Xix Tropic sounds off on her debut musical adventure, Liani Crupty. Twelve atraditional tracks touch on lounge, vaporwave and experimental pop, dotting the psychedelic and dissassociating atmospheres, without getting too comfortable in any one of the aforementioned zones. Liani Crupty is comprised of hand selected recordings from Xix Tropic’s mystical audio vault. Don’t miss this timeless, other dimensional, ulta-limited album release.

  • john atkinson – asasin în lege – florabelle records

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    The soundtrack to the investigative documentary Asasin în Lege by John Atkinson (of the long-running Brooklyn experimental rock ensemble Aa) is the inaugural release from Florabelle, a New York-based label for experimental music and media founded by Ned Milligan.

    Debuting on Romanian and Moldovan national TV in November 2014, Asasin în Lege (Killers Inc.) investigates the assassination of an influential Russian businessman, tracing a barely-underground war between Kremlin-connected businessmen and bankers fought with brigades of assassins for hire. The soundtrack’s eight instrumental compositions combine field recordings with dense digital textures to establish an atmosphere that is alternately luminous and menacing, giving the sinister proceedings an otherworldly air. The album was mastered by Andrew Weathers (of Full Spectrum Records). Limited to 200 in four-panel gatefold sleeves and comes with a download code.

  • greg kelly – self hate index – semata productions

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    “Self-Hate Index is Greg Kelley’s 4th “proper” solo CD and his first since 2005’s I Don’t Want To Live Forever. If we count 4 limited edition CDRs, a one-sided LP, and a cassette, we have a small body of work to dig into over the past decade ranging from synthesizer explorations, a couple of guitar freakouts, musique concrete experiments, and some 4 track experiments using electric fans, contact mics and cheap keyboards. But what of the trumpet? Isn’t that the instrument he’s supposed to play? Of all the above-mentioned recordings, 5 of them feature barely any trumpet at all and 2 of them chop up the recordings to the point of non-recognition (recorded on microcassette?!). This basically leaves 2000’s Trumpet CD and 2005’s Uncomfortable one-sided LP as the sole representatives of this trumpet player’s trumpeting in all its vulgar nudity. Enter Self-Hate Index. Recorded this Spring in a proper studio environment on a proper recording medium (yes, Pro Tools was used – like the real musicians), this is Kelley’s first recording in some time that features real-time recordings of one person in a room playing an instrument. Like Trumpet, there is some manipulation of the recording medium, awkward placement of mics, close-micing, the leaving on of an air conditioner, etc. But unlike Trumpet, this may be the first solo recording of Kelley’s to bridge the (perceived?) gaps between the quiet micro-worlds of nmperign, the blazing feedback of Heathen Shame and the edited constructs of some of the previous solo recordings. Purely acoustic tracks mix it up with amp & distortion pedal workouts and curious inquiries regarding mic placement. But in the end, we have one person, with a trumpet, banging his head against the wall of what music is and what it expects of him. 7 tracks. 46 minutes.”

  • umanzuki – nemi – beer on the rug

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    Umanzuki is a three piece sound art project currently based in Florence, Italy. The group’s latest offering, Nemi, is a concept record inspired by the omnipotent rituals and occultist practices which took place at the Lake of Nemi, where the temple of Diana once stood. Four hypnotic tracks flow like water and fire. Umanzuki’s sonic prowess allows them to magickally recontexualize and siphon ancient pasts through to the present moment.

    Layout and design by Umanzuki
    Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
    Limited edition of 100 custom packaged compact discs in classic jewel case
    Pro-duplicated in the USA

  • seabat – synthus – beer on the rug

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    NYC duo Seabat swims to the highest of highs and deepest of depths on their latest offering, Synthus. Recorded over a two year span in three different states, Seabat have taken great care in crafting a meditatively heavy and compelling sound universe. Visually speaking, the album is the aural equivalent to a piece of surrealist animation. Forty meta-propulsive minutes of hi-definition mind’s eye cyber boogie and heavenly moods to put you in just the right frame of mind. The interdimensional doorway is locked inside the labyrinth. What are you waiting for?

    Limited edition of 75 copies
    Design by Seabat

  • graham kartna – ideation deluze – beer on the rug

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    //”How long has that been there?”//
    //”What importance has it lost? Gained? When? Why?”//
    //”What has occurred here?”//

    //”..And before that?”//

  • geb – numbered dreams – pantheon

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    In a dream… there were no borders, and everything appeared gradually. In a dream all colors exuded odors and surfaces of objects were making sounds. They blended in a beautiful melody, but it kept slipping off somewhere far away. In an attempt to catch it, we learned to fly…

    Geb is one-man project from Stavropol, Russia.